Five Possible Careers To Pursue After Event Planning Course

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Event management is not a small industry as it is usually considered. Like any other business, you need to work with specialized sector, a sector you are good in. After completion of your event management training, there lies a number of options in front of you. Select the right course of business, the one that matches your skills and interest. Research the opportunities not just locally but international opportunities. Here are a few choices:

  • Business events specialist
  • Wedding planner and organizer
  • Event planner for hotel
  • Event manager
  • Service provider for the government sector

One of the most lucrative lines after completion of event planning training is becoming a professional business event planner. The clients are endless and so are the possibilities of generating good review by maintaining goodwill. Serving the business industry with event management, you may organize trade shows, fund raising events, conferences, seminars, trainings and workshops, business dinners, etc. This kind of career requires good linkages in the industry for identifying and inviting speakers, choosing the right venue, inviting right audiences, deputing ushers and master of ceremony at the venue and arranging perfect souvenirs and giveaways.

Wedding planning is a choice that amuses most of the fun loving and party enjoying people. If you can keep abreast with fashions and trends and enjoy the company of diversified people, wedding planning is your field. Be ready to come across many confused headed people giving different directions and requirement. Enjoy and stay calm in every tensed situation, be ready to work long hours and have an irregular routine. Remember, being assertive and polite is the key to success. Having good negotiating skills is very essential as you will be dealing with a number of service providers such as caterers, flower decorators, music and light vendors, etc.

The hotel industry is yet another prospective field to enter after you are done with event planning training. Hotels and banquet halls hire a number of event planners to help them organize business events, wedding functions, themed parties and formal and informal dinners for their clients. You will be required to develop budget estimates, propose venues, menus, and themes and ensure participation in certain events.

You also have an option to confining your role to event manager only. Many companies and families hire event managers to supervise different vendors they have hired for their event. Event manager can play a good role in budgeting and planning the event. You need to have good relationship development skills to get work done by vendors.

Government departments, authorities and agencies usually do not have any event planners permanently on board. Besides just winning a certain contract, you can even up sell your ideas about organizing different events. Many departments that are working for trade and investment promotion may require you to develop and execute an event calendar for the year.

So after you have completed your event courses, be sure of your field, choose something that you enjoy doing. Do consider your expertise, contacts, references and team while selecting the right option.

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