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Author: Sampurna Majumder
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Exploring Photography as a Career Option

One of the offbeat career options, photography can turn out to be a creatively satisfying career option for those who are driven by passion. Read the following post to know more about career in photography.

Introduction to Photography

Those who have a penchant for trying something new and are truly driven by a passion can choose to explore offbeat domains like photography. Photography can turn out to be a good career option for those who are willing to try their hand at something different by chasing their passions.

Though usually pursued as a serious hobby by some, photography can turn out to be an exciting career option. Photography is an Digital Camera Photographyactivity where reality seems to be merging with memories. It is one of those professions where talent and passion scores more over a college degree or certificate. Along with that one has to have an eye-for detail, quality and of course strict self-discipline.
Moreover, with the proliferation of the entertainment and fashion industry in India, pursuing a career in photography is quite lucrative. Considered more as a hobby a decade ago, today photography is often considered a respectable profession.


As mentioned earlier, photography has got to do more with talent rather than degrees. However, it has been observed that professional photographers tend to deliver the best within themselves when they are not performing at a wide variety levels. You have to possess sound knowledge of the technicalities and of course having an eye for details. There are certain differences as to how an amateur photographer differs from that of a professional photographer. For example, a professional photographer would know the right position of the angle whereas an amateur might miss out on the same. Photography opens up to multiple genres – from landscape to nature, wildlife to fashion. Once you have mastered the art, it is best advised that you focus on one particular genre at a time. Thus it will enable you to become a master and you would probably end up creating masterpieces.

There are ample institutes that offer degree and certificate courses in photography. You can enroll in any of these institutes; enrolling in the courses will help in mastering the nuances of photography to a great extent. Take a little time to analyze, where your interest lies – do you enjoy landscape photography or it is wildlife photography that excites you most? Once you have figured that out, you can choose to concentrate in your area of interest.

On a typical day a photographer’s job would encompass:

  • Selecting a subject
  • Composing the theme and arresting it in a appropriate frame
  • Choosing the right angle from where to take the shot
  • Taking the apparatus like lenses and lighting
  • Editing the images that you have taken

4 Good Reasons of Being Photographer

Listed below are 5 good reasons of becoming a photographer:

Sharing your Work to the World
Once you start taking photography seriously, you will have to share your work with the world. Whether you choose to directly sell your work or share then through the web, you have to try your best to get noticed. You can get to interact with critiques and also have gallery parties that will help you share your work and get you noticed.

There is always Something New to Learn
That’s the idea. You get to learn a lot. Every new day you learn new things and new techniques. You can never get bored of the activity of photography as such. As the world is ever-changing, so are your subjects of photography. All you have to do is stop by and take a moment and then go about clicking and capturing your shot.

Keeps you on the Move
Photography is one such career that lifts you up and makes you moving. Step out of your house and your comfort and get comfortable within the nature, the wildlife and of course the world around. Photography makes you move out and the make you see the world.

Helps you take a Better Look at the World
Yes, the art of photography helps you capture the world around in an absolutely different way. Whether you are capturing things of the past or the first hues of the sunrise across the vast seas—you bring is different hue and breathes in a completely different life through your photographs.

Leaf Droplets

As far employment and remunerations are concerned, photographers usually work on a freelance basis and take up individual contract. Beginners can start by joining travel or environment-based magazines. If you are driven enough, photography can turn out to be a good career option.

About the Author

Sampurna Majumder is a professional writer who enjoys creativity and challenges. Barely a year into new media, she has written several posts, articles and blogs for prominent websites, where one can find all kinds of information pertaining to the world education and career.


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