Bring in Candy For Everyone At Work [Challenge]

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Challenge of the Week: Bring in Candy for Co-Workers

It is the week after Halloween. If you took your children trick or treating or if you still do it yourself, you probably have plenty of candy lying around that you don’t need. Excess food, sugar, and calorie consumption can often lead to weight gain. If you followed the challenge last week, logging calories, you will have learned that you are either eating just the right amount of food, under what you should be eating, or overeating.

When it comes to candy, it is all just sugar. You might be thinking:


Bring in Candy For Everyone At Work [Challenge]: My Precious Mine

Or is that a picture of your children? I know when I was a child, my favorites were Butterfingers and Reese’s. I would skim through the selection of candies and those were what I always picked out, though nowadays, I have mostly quit sugar, and with it, went any and all candy.

While many people have a sweet tooth and could never give up the sugar, chances are, you probably have too much candy in your house the week after Halloween, and way too much for your children, more than needed. A few pieces a day are acceptable, but after the week of Halloween, any remaining candy can and should be given away. You probably don’t need it and your children don’t need it.

What better place to bring it than to the office? Sure, the people at work probably don’t need it, either. But if you bring Snickers, Twix, Butterfingers, or Reese’s, you will probably be the beloved co-worker, at least for a day or two. While many co-workers are health-conscious, there are plenty who will indulge in the treats! Unload your candy for those co-workers and save you and your children the excess calories and sugar!

Your challenge this week: Pick out a few pieces of candy for yourself and your children. Save them for the week. Get rid of the remaining excess candy that you don’t need. Bring it to work and share amongst your co-workers!