Call Center Sick Days

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Back before I decided to leave work permanently in order to pursue a career of raising my children, I worked in a Call Center. Calling in sick there was extremely easy. It was done by a voicemail system in which I would call in, state my department, manager, and reason of illness.

It's not that I hated work. I just really did not want to go to work. Even in school, I would mysteriously get sick, often getting out of school at least once a week. I wanted to stay at home and sleep, or go to the mall. Maybe I just hate the establishment of official places like school and work. Of course, I am quite the hypocrite because my children hardly ever miss a day of school, and I ensure they go, even knowing all the mysterious illnesses they get, or the tricks and games they play. After all, they definitely can't trick the master. Of course, sometimes the sympathy card comes out and I'll go along with it.

Looking back on the days when I worked, before becoming a fulltime stay-at-home mom, I realise just how many times my oldest daughter was conveniently ill. Worst, it was usually on a Monday that she had some sort of virus. Daycares have a policy in place which prevent you from sending your kids to daycare with certain illnesses. In my case, I think I cycled through them quite frequently as sick days from work. One week it would be dreaded diarrhea, followed by a bad cough two weeks later. I do feel bad using my daughter’s health as an excuse to call in sick to work. I call it the parent card. No one was going to hunt me down to see if my child was actually sick. Most of the time she was in fact perfectly healthy and I would send her to daycare and enjoy an extra day off during the week. That day usually just happened to be a Monday morning when no one wanted to go into work.


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