Brighten Your Business Office With A Fish Aquarium

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Add A Fish Aquarium To Your Office

Evening out your business office with the perfect decor can really build a great atmosphere for business. It might come across as kind of cheesy to some that only see a narrowed spectrum of their business but it can be such a game changer when prospect clients come into your office. Certain vibes and relationships can literally be built in a warm atmosphere designed for business. A very easy way to add lots of vibrant value to your office is by adding a fish aquarium.

Fish aquariums were super popular decades ago and they had somewhat of a “homegrown amateur” type of feel to them. It was very common to have fake wood grain trim panels surrounding the tank and homemade wood cabinets to hold the heavy tank. To say the least, these tanks are ugly and we don’t want that style in our clean future like business atmosphere. Your office is your stomping grounds for how cutting edge your techniques are and serious you actually are.

I’m going to help you pick out your fish aquarium for nothing short of success for your business office. Ill go through some ways to cut prices too because everyone loves saving money and we all know money is tight around every business.

Size of Your Aquarium

Our most crucial factor is the size of the aquarium you choose. Nobody wants to get laughed at for having the tiny fish aquarium. Compare it to your boss driving a tiny Geo Metro to work. How much confidence would you have in him or her? So in this instance size matters. Its easy with fish aquariums.. Bigger is better. They are easier to maintain and you can have more fish inside of it.


A big fish tank is over 80 gallons give or take a bit. Most serious fish tanks are a minimum of 60 gallons. You can get a lot of bulk deals on larger tanks at pet stores that include stands and some supplies as well. Most annoying part of getting a big aquarium is getting the darn thing home. Another factor to consider with size of your tank is the weight. A 200 gallon aquarium weighs a couple hundred pounds and if your on the 54th floor that may not be safe.

Color Theme and Tank Decor

This is where it gets serious. If you get one thing out of this guide, let it be the theme presence of your new tank. Your average “home aquarium” won’t suite your business office. You want to go with as much black colored components in and around your tank as possible. Paint your aquarium stand if its any other color. Paint the trim around your aquarium and paint the bottom and rear of the tank. This black theme is going to be so sleek that it jams the attention on the fish and really screams clean and cutting edge.

With your tank being blacked out, choose a lighting that will amplify what is inside. Led or fluorescent is amazing for this. Cheap and affordable as well. This theme is going to be so cutting edge that I can easily tell you that any type of fish will look awesome in your tank with how much stress will be on the inside. All the names of the fish can be confusing when trying to choose one but just keep it simple and don’t be afraid to ask pet store employees for help.

My name is Chris Weber and I am the ultimate aquarium geek. I also major in business and love the idea of bringing animals to the business world as pets to build relationships. Sounds a bit odd to some people, but you have to know how crucial animals are to us humans.