Building Your Timber Home During A Recession

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Why Building Your Timber or Log Home During a Recession is a Good Thing

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The recession is typically a negative topic to discuss. On the other hand, unbelievable as it may seem, this is the ideal time for you to build a timber or log home. Cutting down expenses is an important thing to consider during this difficult time. So, constructing a timber home is the perfect option for you if you need a new home and yet you still want to save some money amidst the recession.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why building timber framed homes or log houses are the best options during a recession.

Timber Homes are Cost Efficient to Build

During a recession, the prices of lumber significantly drop and workforce costs tend to be lower. Tradespeople are also eager to negotiate prices with clients in order to book projects. This means that various builders and contractors will be anxious to provide you with competitive rates. They will be kinder and more responsive to your queries.

Timber framed homes are also economical as builders maximise the use of felled trees. Contractors ensure that there less wood is wasted when producing the necessary elements of the frame, which include the beams, posts, etc. Needless to say, the cost of materials will be lower and you can make sure that you are getting your money’s worth.

Faster Construction Lowers Building Expenses

Most professionals in the construction industry would agree that the time used for putting together prefabricated timber frames is shorter. If you compare its construction period to the traditional time it takes to building brick and block homes, the former typically provides quicker turnaround. The reason behind this is the fact that the timber frames are constructed by the supplier’s carpenters in their warehouse.

Once the frames are completed, they are transported to the site and assembled there in a matter of days instead of weeks. Typically, it takes around seven to ten days for the construction team to erect the timber frame on site. Since the building duration is shorter, the labour expenses would consequently be lower.

Timber Frame Homes are Energy Efficient

When we talk about the energy efficiency of a home, it is important to consider how well the foundation, walls and roofing work together to envelop the energy inside. Energy loss comes in two forms – conductive heat loss and air leakage. When there is air leakage, heat tends to escape from the house, consequently resulting to poor insulation. This could be problematic during the winter season as you would have to frequently use the heating system and pay more for it.

When it comes to timber frame homes, implementing effective levels of insulation is easier. The design provides more uninterrupted space between the vertical components, allowing the builders to fill or wrap the frame with different types of insulators like straw bales. Needless to say, with enough insulation, you will have a more energy efficient home and save on heating costs.

You may have been planning and saving for your dream house for quite some time now. Remember to include timber homes to your preferred list. This type of house gives allows you to maximise your money during difficult times like a recession.What’s great about this option is the fact that while you are saving money, you still have control over achieving the best end results as contractors and builders will be more attentive to your requests.

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