Bringing The Outside In [Infographic]

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Outside Exterior Design to Inside Interior Design

Outdoor Interior Design

Interior designers include plants within their room designs to provide colour and texture. This year they have used some creative alternatives to planters and pots, embracing the trend of Bringing The Outside In, they have created functional furnishings and furniture that are also places for plants to thrive. This infographic showcases a few great examples.

Mowing the lawn is brought indoors with grass topped tables and benches which evoke the feeling of dining al fresco whilst indoors. These items of furniture require little maintenance, watering and a quick trim with scissors, to keep them looking fresh and green.

Light is essential if plants are to thrive. Even if you live in a room without a view you can still have living plants as part of your décor when you use artificial lighting. Pendant lights and pendant shades made with living plants gives a room a fresh outdoorsy look and feel, just be mindful when watering, electricity and water don’t mix, when they do you will be in for an unexpected shock.

Give soft, squidgy green moss house room. Use it as a bathmat to absorb water when you step out of the bath or shower, alternatively use it to bring a plain coffee table to life. Treat it kindly and it will flourish within the confines of your home.


Plants with an abundance of tiny flowers can also be used to transform a dining or coffee table top. This pretty awesome concept embraces the trend head-on, giving you stylish design coupled with the luxury of having a living plant in your home without a boring pot in sight.

Bringing The Outside In [Infographic]

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It’s great to enjoy the fresh air. After all, who doesn’t love a countryside walk? But the weather isn’t always ideal. These imaginative ideas of living furnishings offer interesting ways to bring the outside in. Far from simply putting plants in pots, this concept is one of the year’s biggest interior design trends.

This inventive stone bench creates a bucolic conversation seating area in this large space.

This grass lamp brings the outside in with style, just watching yourself with the watering can or you may be in for a shock!

Enjoy picnics all year round with this grass topped table.

Why limit climbing plants to the facade of your house when you could have them in a Ghost style transparent chair?

We’re lichen the lime green moss in this side table.

Bring your dining room to life with this floral table.

Grown grass gives your posterior a break on this bench.

These lamps were design to grow plants in windowless spaces.

This concrete table has pockets designed specifically for living plants.

This lawn top coffee table wheelie works in this open plan living space.


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