Branding Through Clothing

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Successful businesses understand the importance of branding for promotional and awareness-building gains.  With many mediums available to channel the branding message of an organisation, the challenge is to find creative, interesting, and unique ways to reach its customers.  Branding through clothing is one such marketing method that has proven popular and successful.  Here are a good few reasons why.

Why promote your brand through clothing?

Using clothes, such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, or hoodies, to promote a company’s brand is proven to be an effective and successful strategy for spreading awareness.  People wearing clothes with brand logos are effectively walking advertisements for your company.  Wearing branded clothing at work, at corporate events, or conferences, will give out a professional image, as well as cementing your branding message into peoples’ minds.

The great thing about using clothes to promote your brand is that branded attire never loses demand – people like to wear clothes with brand names on them.  They will always remain popular, and a well-made and thoughtfully designed branded item of clothing is likely to be worn by most people.


Branding through clothing is also a pretty cost-effective marketing tool.  In the past, printing costs would have made putting branding messages on clothes pricey. But the growth of online printing firms has allowed competition to drive prices down.  You can also expect a fairly fast turn around from printing to production, which makes it a speedy and efficient method to promote your products or services.

With lots of different colours and styles to choose from, you can also be quite creative in how you want the clothing to finally look.  Go for a variety, and remember to make different sizes.

Some important considerations

There are a number of aspects worth thinking about before embarking on a branding through clothing exercise.

First of all, consider your printing supplier.  Go for a reputable firm who will deliver good quality designs at reasonable prices.  Although you might want to plump for an online provider, consider the benefits of working with someone locally – you can visit the supplier and see the product for yourself, giving you an element of control in the process.

Also, consider the quality of the clothing materials you use.  Poor quality fabrics are less likely to be worn, even if they might be cheaper to produce.  So, go for quality over quantity for best effect, and a reflection on your ethos.

Consider how you use your branded clothing and in which situations you use it.  Branded clothing can be successful and popular at fundraising events, festivals or special occasions, for instance.

Before your clothing goes to print, make sure you double check spelling, punctuation and capitalisation of the logo and/or branding message.  Careless errors could prove costly, both in terms of wasted production and to the credibility of your organisation.

Make your message interesting and unique. Inject some punchy, creative thought into the process. That way, the chances of your clothing being worn and grabbing attention will increase.

Amy is interested in fashion and marketing and enjoys writing about branding through clothing for her favourite customised clothing producer, Logos4Polos. Read more from Logos4Polos here.