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I am always fascinated by what people do for work, what works for them, ways they have found to make money and make a living. Some people are stuck in dead end jobs, while others find their passion and learn how to turn it into a money maker. Whether it is playing music, building websites, teaching a language, or training others on how to do something, there are plenty of ways for anyone to turn something they love into a business, and make money doing it.

I spoke with Gaurav Kumar, a professional blogger, who was very excited to get out his message to the world and encourage everyone to take up a passion for blogging.

Gaurav Kumar

What is your name?

Gaurav Kumar

What were your interests growing up as a child or teenager?

My interests were keep changing, like a boy who changes video games. First, I remember I loved to play cricket, but I spent most of my time in the school library to study. My next interest was to be a fighter, but secretly, I was afraid of even being alone at home. I loved to play video games and I was so good that I had to pretend to lose and allow my friends to win.

What were your interests in college or as a young adult?

I developed a huge interest in guns and decided to join military, but before I joined, I put my all focus and education on computers and the Internet became my passion. Since then, with the internet as my passion, I turned to Blogging and became a professional Blogger.

What do you do for work?

I am a Professional blogger and article writer. When I say professional blogger, I mean that blogging is my full time work and I make a handsome income with it. Blogging is not only about money making for me, but it is a great passion in which I am always learning new things.

How did you get your current job?

I started blogging when I got fed up working 9 hour shift daily in a multinational corporation. I wanted to do something where I did not to hear the shouting of my seniors and where I could learn new things and experiment with ways of doing them. Blogging was able to bring me all these things and eventually, I learned how to turn blogging into a way of making money.


What was a defining moment in your career?

The best moment I can say was when I was not getting any job in any company. I had been unemployed and applying to several different places, but no responses. It was then that I decided to pursue my passion. I actually got fed up with working in office setting and I wanted to do something for myself, which satisfied me. I wanted to be my own boss. That was the time I started blogging.

Why did you choose this career path?

Since my childhood, I had a passion to learn new things and experiment with utilizing my talents and skills. Blogging brought me both things, allowing me to learn more and more with every new page I wrote, I learned a new lesson. I wrote and wrote and realized that my skills became a demand. There was no limit on the amount of money I could earn from blogging which made me even more passionate about it.  The money was certainly a motivating factor, but I loved to write about anything and everything anyway. There were some topics I did not know, and that I would research. After my research was done, I would write on the topic and get paid for my work, so learning and earning were going hand in hand in such an awesome way.

What is one thing you would change about your company?

The only one thing I want to change is that I want every single person in the world to join in and love it. For that I am continuously working to generate new ideas which make people join me for lifetime. Anyone can earn money blogging.

What is one thing you would change about your life?

The only thing I would want to change about my life is not to sleep. It sounds crazy and I know it is necessary for human life, but I personally feel sleep as a waste of time. Instead of sleeping, I could be learning and discovering new things.

If you could leave a legacy or be known as doing something great for your company, what would it be?

The best thing I think would be to make everyone realize that they could be the owner of their own company. They could be the boss of themselves, working their own hours, at their own leisure, and earning money to do it. I am actually planning to do that and hope in the upcoming months I will be starting on that project.

Do you have any advice for someone looking to get into your career field?

I personally believe that blogging is for everyone, but at the same time I want to make it clear that to make money blogging, you have to be a passionate blogger. If blogging its your passion, than all you need to do is acquire the skills to help you to grow big and make money. Also never be alone, always work with a team or with friends.

Remember every single human being is a friend of a blogger. If you need any help to start your career blogging and need any advice about anything related to your career, life, or relationship, feel free to ask me on eAskme.

I will be happy to help everyone.

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Thank you Gaurav Kumar for your words of encouragement.




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