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After high school education, I started my higher education. For that I had to stay far away from home. I found a boarding place and it was really a nice place except for the fee. I never wanted to bother my parents asking for money for everything. So, I did some freelancer work, designing stuff and blogging. Those were not enough to fulfill my requirements and I needed big money from a finger snap kind of money.


I searched the internet for such methods. There were loads of stuff. I was pretty careful in spending money. So, I never started doing anything. One day, I found a system called Binary Options. I searched for facts and reviews about it. Loads of bucks in no time, it said. Who don’t like that? I registered in a website gave away full details.

Next day, a guy was on my phone backing me up about the system. I didn’t talk much because I was so coltish. However, he called again in few days and asked some details about me. He, somehow won my trust and made me make a deposit in the site. I wanted quick money, so I did. I waited again for some time. There he calls again and filled me with the details. So, I wanted to go.

I did my first trade but I lost that. I lost quite some money. My friend from the support said “first time is like that, don’t worry bro!”

Next day I traded again and won all. My sack started getting full. I was so happy, but I didn’t even tell my parents. I just wanted to be rich and independent. So, I traded like that for a week. I was now making profits. Suddenly I lost multiple times in a row. All my profits were gone in 3 or 4 days’ time. I was determined to win my invest money and get out. But I couldn’t do that. I won at regular intervals. It didn’t help. I ended up being broke and had to ask for money from parents again. I was really ashamed that day.

I was lucky at first, but let my greed get the best of me. I didn’t end up rich and independent like I had hoped.




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