Billion Dollar Companies That Started in Garage [Infographic]

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Successful Companies That Started In A Garage

HP Restores Garage Where Techology Giant Got Its Start

Beginning a business, everyone should start somewhere. Some of us believe that there should be a lump sum of money at least for a rainy day. Others think that a business will not survive without a good and rather decent place to be situated at.

But do you really need a comfortable office to launch a company? Such famous and renowned brands as Google, Amazon, Disney, HP, and Apple started their businesses in garages and now we know them as billion dollar corporate giant organizations. Do you still think that had a magician who bewitched garages and they turned into the skyscrapers?

All of them have demonstrated that success does not depend upon the place where you begin. It rather depends on motivation, hard and persistent work, inspiration and credo. It does not actually matter how cool your office looks like or how much money you are ready to invest. The most important things you need are an awesome idea, passion, and input of your heart that will set fire to the touch-string of the feather in your bonnet. These are the things you need to make your business prosperous and successful.

Get ambitious! Encourage yourself with the tint of originality the following companies expose to you.

Check out the most prodigious and mammoth businesses among the galaxies that set going in almost close to dilapidated garages!

Billion Dollar Companies That Started in Garage [Infographic]

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The humble beginnings of the following six multi-billion dollar companies prove that great ideas are the only things that matter. Even if they are operated out of a home garage. And if the absence of a corporate office is the only thing that is stopping you, think again.





In a one-car garage that belonged to Walt Disney’s uncle, two brothers Walt and Roy started working on the “Alice Comedies”, which would later inspire Disney’s version of “Alice in Wonderland”.


Today Disney is one of the highest earning media conglomerates in the world. It owns and operates cable television networks; publishing, merchandising, music, and theatre divisions; and owns and licenses 14 theme parks around the world. It is the leading name in producing cartoons, children’s movies, and animated films.

4406 Kingswell Avenue, Los Angeles, California




With an investment of $538 and the 12-by-18-foot garage, two Stanford graduates Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard launched their own company, Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP). They built their first product: an audio oscillator. One of their first customers was Walt Disney productions.


Today, Packard’s garage is a private museum and is known as the “birthplace of Silicon Valley”. HP was the world’s leading PC manufacturer from 2007 to 2013. In 2015 the company split into HP Inc. and Hewlett Packard Enterprise with revenues of $57.3 billion and $53 billion, respectively.

367 Addison Avenue, Palo Alto, California




In 1976, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak used Job’s parent’s garage to assemble the first 50 Apple computers, which they then sold to Paul Terrell’s Byte Shop for $500 each.


Apple is the world’s largest information technology company by revenue, the world’s largest technology company by total assets, and the world’s second largest mobile phone manufacturer.




Four years after being named the youngest vice president of a successful Wall Street investment firm, Jeff Bezos quit his job to pursue online retailing opportunities in the book industry. That’s how the biggest online retailer in the world was found.


It is the largest Internet-based retailer in the United States. The company sits around $65 billion in revenue, serving customers worldwide.

10704 NE 28th Street, Bellevue, Washington




Two Stanford graduates Larry Page and Sergey Brin decided to develop an online search engine called “Google”. Their goal was to create a platform that could pull all the information on teh Web into one portable accessible for anyone and anywhere.

2016 is the most visited website in the world. The company itself has firmly cemented its global domination and is only getting bigger. After restructuring in 2015, Google became Alphabet’s leading subsidary.

232 Santa Magarita Avenue, Menlo Park, California




Passion, commitment, and courage are often all you need to make your company a success.

A SIMPLE GARAGE and a GREAT IDEA are all it took to get it all going.




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