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How To Be The Best Boss [Infographic]

Author: Alexandra Ashton
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Like a Boss

Most of us still remember our good bosses, but none of us will ever forget our bad ones. This infographic looks at just what it is that makes a good boss and reveals exactly what effects a bad boss can have.

It reviews the latest research into how good and bad management impact on staff motivation and retention. It does not toy with clichés over whether it is better to be loved or feared, but it clearly presents the facts.

It emphasises the very considerable difference that an effective boss can make:

  • 63% of employees say that their manager directly affects their happiness at work
  • Of the 46% who say their bosses have had a direct impact on their career there are 20% who say it has been a negative one

For most employees a good boss is not necessarily one who rewards them financially:

  • Nearly two-thirds of employees would be happier if they received more recognition from their boss
  • Only a third would be happier if they got a raise

Understanding what your employees actually want is the way to be the best boss. This is not because you need to be liked, but because a happier workforce is a more productive and cohesive workforce.

This infographic shows you why you need to be a better boss and how you can start doing it. The good news is that you don't need to invest in an expensive reward scheme or benefit package. The bad news is that you do need to invest some time in looking at yourself and your company’s culture.

How To Be The Best Boss [Infographic]

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How To Be The Best Boss

Employers struggling with talent retention and motivation must reconnect with the fundamentals of good management. It's simple — keep your employees happy.

The benefits of employee satisfaction speak volumes.


63% of employees said their manager directly affected their happiness at work. —(Kelly GWI, 2013)

46% of employees surveyed said their boss has an impact on their career. —(Glassdoor, 2013)

43% regularly consider quitting their job. —(Kelly GWI, 2013)


20% of those employees said their boss's impact has been negative. —(Glassdoor, 2013)

65% of employees would be happier if their boss gave them recognition.

35% of the same respondents said they would be happier if they got a raise.

61% of employees whose bosses focus on their strengths are engaged, and this is double the national average for employee engagement in the US (30%).



Replacing a poor manager with a good one can be equivalent to taking on an additional member of staff in a team of nine, according to the London School of Economics.

Healthier, safer staff

Workplaces with top managers have nearly 50% fewer accidents. Teams with better managers also pay less in healthcare costs, according to Gallup researchers.

High-quality output

Gallup research also shows that organizations with good managers experience 41% fewer quality defects than those with poorer leadership.

Improved customer satisfaction

Well-looked-after employees will, in turn, look after their customers, according to the Great Place to Work Institute.

Higher profits

Companies included in Forbes' 100 Best Companies to Work For (1998 - 2005) saw a 14% bigger increase in their share prices, compared with other companies in the market, according to Jackson Organization study.


Employees don't want costly benefits and gimmicks - they simply want good management. To be the best boss, you need to take an active role in promoting employee welfare.


    Offer constructive feedback to employees and provide opportunities for them to take the lead on projects – it can make staff more productive.
    Studies have shown we feel prouder of accomplishing harder work.
    Recognize your staff for a job well done and they're more likely to produce consistently good work, without expecting more money.
    Research has shown that expressing appreciation can dramatically increase employee motivation.
    Be empathetic and make employees feel as though they have someone to talk to if they need.
    Establish a good working atmosphere – something that is high on employee lists of priorities.
    Increasing accountability for projects can mean employees take more pride in their work.
    People who see the results of their work tend to perform better so build reviews into your process.
    Treat your employees with respect and courtesy.
    By respecting your staff, they will respect you back.
    Host regular team events to boost morale and bring staff closer together.

To be the best the boss, you don't need expensive benefits — just a hands-on approach to creating a great workplace.



Original Source: http://www.ciphr.com/how-to-be-the-best-boss/

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  • Most of us still remember our good bosses, but none of us will ever forget our bad ones.
  • Good and bad management have an impact on staff motivation and retention.
  • Understanding what your employees actually want is the way to be the best boss.
  • This is not because you need to be liked, but because a happier workforce is a more productive and cohesive workforce.