The Benefits to Remote Working [Infographic]

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The Benefits of Working From Home

The majority of workers travel to and from the office or workplace each day, often traveling up to 20 miles per day. This time is unpaid and can lead to stress before and after work, due to traffic, accidents, less time to spend with family, and even less sleep.

There are many employers who are against at-home workers and the CEO (Marissa Mayer) of Yahoo, in 2009, decided to let go anyone who was too far away from the Yahoo offices to come in. Whether this was a profitable move, or an error, Yahoo only knows. This should not stop other companies from hiring workers and having them work at home.

In addition to what you will read on the Infographic, some of the great benefits to working at home include:
– More time with family which means a happier employee
– Different time zones which mean the employee can work at different hours
– Less time commuting and spending on gas
– Company can claim that it is green and environmentally-friendly since it does not have many workers commuting to and from work
– More well-rounded employees with different ideas since they are not all located in the same town, the same State, or even in the same country
– No worries about office romance, office stress, or bitterness in the office
– Less financial spending on office materials, office supplies, and office space
– More talent from around the world

While working at home is not for everyone, there are many who enjoy its benefits and are very productive workers.

Here are many more benefits to working from home:


The Benefits to Remote Working Infographic

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Remote working is the way forward say 59% of employees; in a survey carried out by Powwownow, the UK’s leading free conference call service, and online poll company Toluna.

– Not having to commute: 50% – Eliminate Stress
– Reduces office costs: 57%
– Recruiting based on talent rather than location 45%
– Having skilled workers anywhere in the world 40%
– Picking own working hours 59%

– 89% email
– 66% mobile phone
– 32% conference calls
– 31% instant messenger
– 72% of people from SMEs use a conference service (conference calls, video calls, or web sharing)
– 54% of employees would like one system to communicate everything though because…
– You know the best times to contact people
– No missing important messages
– Response times are faster
– All commons in one place
– 69% of SME organizations allow remote or flexible working

Powwownow is the UK’s leading free conference service with over 120,000 people and businesses using the service across 15 global locations, including the UK, US, and Europe.

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