Benefiting More from Your Business Travels

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A Seven-Step Guide to Traveling for Business

Here are 7 little changes to make to your usual business trip M.O. to get more out of the experience.

Pack Smarter
Don’t just think you’ll be good with your usual two business suits/ensembles and one outfit for leisure time. Weather can change, and impromptu events happen. Bring something for a business brunch, a formal dinner, or a sudden cocktail party in addition to your usual business attire, and try to comprise the outfits from separates that mix and match for multiple eventualities.

Remember to check with TSA and make sure you’re up-to-date on weight restrictions and liquid regulations.

Dress for the Plane, Train, or Automobile

There’s nothing wrong with dressing professionally for the plane—if you’re traveling because you’re taking care of business, especially if you’re flying business class, own it! However, make sure you’re owning it comfortably. There is nothing more unpleasant than flying in a pencil skirt or sitting for hours in tight slacks. Only your most comfortable professional attire should be allowed out of the suitcase and on you during your journey. Let your method and time of travel guide you choice of business travel wear.

Spend Less Time in the Hotel
Hotel Room Watching Television InternetYou may want to crash on your hotel bed when you arrive after the exhausting journey there. That’s fine. Gather your fortitude, unpack your things, enjoy the amenities if you have a nice suite (in-suite Jacuzzis are nice)—but don’t spend the rest of your free time flicking through the hotel TV or surfing the Internet.

Change into one of your leisure outfits and some comfortable walking shoes. Getting out there and exploring your destination will renew your vitality and expand your horizons, which will in turn expand your creativity and energy for the business at hand.

Absorb the Place

If you don’t take in local history, culture, and flavor, it’ll be no better for you than if you’d done all the business on this trip from your desk or on a conference call. What makes a business trip worth it is the chance to spend time out of your comfort zone, meet new people, and rise to challenges you wouldn’t have in the office.

Spend the free time you have out in the city you’ve been flown to, photograph the beautiful views, sample local cuisine, take in local culture, learn the history, and take every enriching opportunity this part of the world has to offer. Enrich your mind by enjoying yourself.

Let Vacation Pleasance and Business Dealings Mix
Now that you’ve refreshed yourself and enriched your mind, let the pleasant feelings in you transfer over into your business dealings.

Smile and be positive. Compliment your counterpart-host on their city. Use any newfound vigor or recharged feelings you feel to do your best. Suggest a spot for drinks or an outdoor meeting based on your wanderings. But, most importantly, be pleasant so that those around you can feel better and the business dealings can go on smoothly.

Airport Transport

Once everything is taken care of and it’s time for you to leave, you want to be sure to get to the airport on time so as to make your flight rather than being stranded in an airport in a suit. One of the best ways is to arrange for transportation from your hotel by an experienced, local driver who specializes in getting travelers to the airport in a timely fashion. Whether you go with a classic New York yellow cab or a Toronto airport limo, most international airports have a range of options to get you to the plane on time.

Sleep on the Plane

Once you’re on the plane, take the time to relax and catch up on sleep—you’ve accomplished and learned so much on this trip. Be sure to drink plenty of water too—you don’t want to be jet-lagged when you get back to the office!

Benefiting More from Your Business Travels: Sleeping on Plane

With these suggestions in mind, you should be able to get the most out of each and every business destination!


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