Being A Better Business Asset: Growing Within Your Role

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Company man. There was a time when that wasn’t used negatively. And, though it could use a little political correctness (“company person,” perhaps?), it shouldn’t be today. Devotion to your work is something of which to be proud. In today’s world of entrepreneurs and celebutantes, strugglers and stragglers, there is something special in doing an honest day’s work.

Being A Better Business Asset: Growing Within Your Role

What you shouldn’t forget is that there is an endgame to showing loyalty, perseverance, and the willingness to go above and beyond. Whether you’re a company person in the sense that you’re a loyal, hardworking employee, or that you own the company and have devoted yourself, to the brand, the endgame remains the same: a mutual process of “betterment” that benefits both the self and the company. There are ways to expedite the bettering process, as well; leadership or business coaching, the surpassing of goals, or the commitment to doing extra work, for instance.

Know your role

 Regardless of the role you have in mind for yourself, it is important to know the role that you are in now. Know it inside out and forwards and backwards, and do it as well as – no, better than – you possibly can. Any role within a company presents its own set of challenges. Rising to those challenges better prepares you for assuming other roles, including the role you covet. Someone said, “As the CEO, I have to take care of the short term, mid term, and long term.” This quote (from Carlos Ghosn, chairman and CEO of the Renault-Nissan alliance) quietly illustrates the following point: the most successful people in a company are the people who can assume any and every role. Be that person.


Identify your priorities

 Why have you committed to this career? Is it solely for financial security, or is your devotion born of creative fulfillment, or something else? When you know why you are there, you can apply the resolve granted by that knowledge to your work.


Practice excellent time and resource management

 You have many resources at your job, and time and energy are the most valuable. Prioritize those first, and coax everything else into place behind. Time management is key, as time is something you can’t create. Learn to tackle projects in the most efficient way for yourself, whether that is multitasking or single-tasking efficiently. Treat resources the same way. Don’t waste anything that your company will then need to replace.


Become the employee you would most love to hire

 If you think like the boss, you can imagine the perfect employee. If you are the employee, strive to be that. If you’re already the boss … strive to be that anyway. Imagine having a boss to answer to. Imagine answering to yourself. Would you accept excuses for shoddy work, mismanaged time, or poor performance? Probably not, given what’s at stake. Allow yourself only one instance of each mistake you make. Treat every single error or slip as a teachable moment, and grow from it.


Get yourself noticed without seeming to try

 Business coaching teaches us that go-getters are valued, and that’s very true. But people pleasers are not. You should endeavor to be as helpful as possible without being obsequious. Be valuable, and visible will follow.

Follow these tips are a great way to get ahead at work and get yourself noticed. Do the best you can at everything you do and you will succeed!

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