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Who is Behind Confessions of the Professions

Name: Matthew Gates Matthew Gates

Occupation: Web Designer / Web Developer / Programmer

Education: Bachelors of Science in Psychology @ Loyola University Chicago

Hobbies: Web Design, researching everything, reading philosophy, going to the gym, swimming, biking, hiking, walking.

Interests: Web Design, Psychology, Philosophy, Universe, Aliens, Music, etc.

Favorite Music Genre: Classic Rock

Favorite Band: Pink Floyd

Sign: Scorpio


Personal Background:

I am from the generation of kids who was introduced to the first IBM personal computers, the generation who truly became the first gamers, the generation who began to get addicted and develop a love for technology. I taught myself programming in Visual Basic when I was 10 years old and practiced until I turned 18. I also learned HTML and Javascript. Then suddenly lost interest in it all and wanted nothing to do with it. Building and developing websites was a far thought from my mind.

I went to college and studied psychology.  I was an unusually shy person when I was younger, but college brought me out of my shell and I wanted to get to know everyone.  I was curious about every person I met.  Soon after I graduated college, I went to live in Israel for a year and taught English.  While there, aside from hiking and exploring the country, I had wanted to pursue something I had always wanted to do: I really wanted a website. I stumbled across a website and was helped by a guy from England.  He led me in the right direction, and at that point, there was no turning back.  I began volunteering and creating websites or charging people very cheap prices to build their websites.  I developed a love for building websites and started my own small business usually gaining work or jobs by word of mouth.  I was and still am building websites for small businesses and also helping them to establish and maintain an online presence.

I am a webmaster who is always thinking up new ideas and testing to see what works best.  I'd be lying if I said that every website I started was popular and every website I started was a success.  I have had several websites that were complete failures and I've had just a few websites that were successful at one time or another.

But my interest in psychology never went away. I've always had an interest in psychology, specifically in Leadership and the Workplace. This website is the reflection and creation of that passion and interest.

Confessions of the Professions Background: 

I started this website so people from all over the world could share their work experiences. I was seeking confessions of the professions. I wanted to learn about what people do when they go to work, what people are going through while at work, and what they do to get through their daily work days. We all listen to stories about people talking about their work days, but it just remains a story, to be heard by a few people, and never written down or heard anywhere else.  This was to be the only purpose of the website: a place for people to come and share their stories or confess their experiences about work.

I wanted this website to serve:

  • as a place for anyone to come rant about work
  • as an archive for experiences within the workplace, jobs, or careers
  • as a place for people to share their experiences about what life is like in their shoes
  • as a place for researching all things related to the workplace

The site soon became much more than that a few months after its release and it served an even greater purpose that I could not deny.

To further expand the site, I extended it to include professional articles about the workplace, careers, finances, college, daily life experiences -- especially as they pertain to the workplace, and plenty more.  I know that there are plenty of companies and people looking for advice on how to better treat their employers, how to engage their employees, how to be a better employer, and many more various well-rounded articles.   Although it is not a Wiki, it certainly has plenty of accessible and easily searchable articles and story confessions, most of which we can all relate to in some way or another.

Infographics have become a huge part of the Internet. I also wanted to include these as there are plenty of infographics that have a lot of great advice pertaining to the workplace and careers, so you will find many infographics on this site.

I always welcome many new articles and confessions as every story has a lesson to be told and taught.

By keeping this site free and serving as a source of information, I request people share their articles on the website.  You will receive full credit for your work and I do not claim your work as my own, as you are able to state who you are as the author, your email, and your website.  So I am always looking for daily contributors to the website.  It is, after all, you who make this website work.

If you are able to do it, I would really appreciate your donation to support the hosting costs of this site so I can keep everything running for months and years to come.  A lot of time, energy, and money went into the making of this website. A lot more goes into maintaining it. If you do make a donation, you can contact me and let me know so I can add your name to a list of donors where you will remain forever as a legacy for supporting this site.

By adding new and fresh content daily, your article will get noticed by all search engines and gain attention rather quickly for people looking for your advice.  You are not only helping yourself to understand the workplace, but everyone around the world as well.  I appreciate all your contributions to this site because without you, it would not be possible.

No matter what you do for work or what you have established as your career, please consider making a Confession!

This is a website for entertainment, education, knowledge, resources, and understanding.  At least, this is the purpose it serves for me.

Please note that the information on this website may not always be researched or accurate.

I hope you enjoy Confessions of the Professions!

If you have any questions, comments, or advice. Feel free to drop me a line!