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Hello Beer and Alcohol lovers! My name is Brian O’Shea and I am the owner and director of a company called Home Brew West based in Ireland. I regularly write about all aspects of the beer and brewing industry and have compiled an infographic entitled ‘Beers of the World’. With International Beer Day taking place today, August 1st to celebrate the great beers across the globe. Drink up for the celebration!

Hopefully you get a chance to try every single beer on this infographic and enjoy them as much as I did! We hope this infographic helps you to discover your favorite beer!

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Beers of the World

With International Beer Day falling on August 1st we explore the best beers the world has given us, from Europe to Asia, and America to Australia here are the finest examples in brewing today.


Coopers Extra Strong Vintage Ale

Alcohol 7.5%

This strong ale imparts rich full flavours that are suitable for maturation. Stored under cellar conditions, the rich and full flavour ale is brewed each year, using different raw materials.

Fact: The brewery sold 69.7 million litres of beer in the 2013 financial year.



Rochefort 10

Alcohol 11.3%

Rochefort 10 is famous in the beer world for both its 11.3% and for its rich, multi-layers flavours. The taste is light and spicy despite a wine-level strength and is astonishingly rich.

Fact: The recipe for this beer is almost 420 years old!



Dieu du Ciel Péché Mortel

Alcohol 9.5%

This stout style, high in alcohol and bitterness in order to favour preservation, was historically brewed to support the long and arduous voyage necessary to export the beer from England to Russia.

Fact: The word Imperial comes from the fact that the beer was specially brewed for the Russian tsar’s court.



Aarhus Bryghus Klosterbryg

Alcohol 6.0%

A sweet and smooth pale ale that provides a pleasant bitterness by the use of cane sugar. The beer has a honeyed aroma, reminiscent of sweet and ripe oranges.

Fact: The brewery was by a former product development manager at Royal Unibrew, Neils F. Buchwald, who left to open his own brewery.



Newcastle Brown Ale

Alcohol 4.7%

The beer has slight hops aromas and a bitterness on first tastes, with hints of various nutty flavours including almonds, walnuts, and pecan.

Fact: Newcastle Brown Ale is mentioned in Eric Hutchinson’s “Rock ‘N Roll”.



Jenlain Ambrée

Alcohol 7.5%

Jenlain Ambrée is an amber ale with a fruity aroma and a sweet but strong malty taste. While it has an ABV of 7.5% Jenlain Ambrée is light on the palate.

Fact: The beer now has several variations including Jenlain blonde, Jenlain fraîche, and a bière de Printemps (spring beer).



Paulaner Weißbier

Alcohol 5.5%

Paulaner Weißbier gives an aroma of wheat, with undertones of sweet orange and spice. The taste is heavy and sweet, and as it pours a hazy golden colour with a thick head the beer lasts a while.

Fact: Paulancer is one of the most popular beers served in the world-famous Oktoberfest beer festival in Munich.



Hopfanatic Angry Beast

Alcohol 12.0%

Hopfanatic Angry Beast is a potent beer that tastes of roasted malts, chocolate, coffee, and liquorice. Despite its 12% ABV the alcohol remains well hidden in the complex, pleasant taste.

Fact: Hopfanatic have opened their very own brewpub in downtown Pest.




Alcohol 4.2%

Guinness is recognised world over, and for good reason. The aroma is sweet with hints of caramel, grain, cream, chocolate, and coffee. Guinness is a light stout with a medium body.

Fact: The famous St. James’ Gate Brewery, in Dublin City, was leased for 9,000 years at an annual fee of £45 (Irish Punts).



Asahi Kuronama

Alcohol 5.0%

This dark amber beer’s aroma is dark and sweet, with a slightly roasted hint and trace of figs. The taste is malty with flavours of dark fruits.

Fact: The beer’s name relates to its taste; kuro = black, nama = fresh.




Alcohol 4.5%

Hite lager is sweet and golden, with thin body and minimal head. It is styled upon American rice lagers such as Budweiser.

Fact: Hite is the top-selling beer in South Korea.



Bofferding Lager Pils

Alcohol 4.8%

The aroma of Bofferding Lager Pils has a hint of cereals to it. The taste is a little sweet with a faint bitter hoppy finish and is highly carbonated and refreshing.

Fact: The beer is unpasteurized in kegs and bottles, but pasteurized in cans!




Alcohol 5.3%

Bohemia has a significant hops flavour and is quite dense given its clarity. While it is one of the lesser knwon Mexican beers worldwide, Bohemia has a greater reputation than Sol or Corona.

Fact: The beer is named after the Behomeia region of Croatia.



Aass Bock

Alcohol 6.5%

Aass Bock is a sweet Bock beer, with hints of raisins in the taste. The aftertaste leaves a lingering bitterness that directly contrasts the sweet, raisiny first sip.

Fact: The brewery is still owned by the Aass family, which makes it one of Norway’s few remaining independent breweries.




Alcohol 5.0%

Sagres is one of the biggest beers in Portugal, and is made according to traditional methods with water, malt, and cereals which have not been malted. It is moderately rich and has a dry and pleasantly bitter taste.

Fact: Sagres was the first Portuguese brand to launch the Mini version (20cl), a success among consumers because of its small size and constant freshness.



Nevskoe Klassicheskoe

Alcohol 4.7%

Nevskoe has an aroma of rye bread, with grassy and metallic notes. The taste has a slight citrus, dry grass feel to it, with the overall flavour reminiscent of rye and metal.

Fact: In Russia, beer is the second most popular alcoholic drink after vodka, seen by many as a healthier alternative.



Highland Orkney Blast

Alcohol 6.0%

Orkney Blast has an aroma that is light, sweet, and malty. The taste has some strong citrus notes and a distinct oakiness. It is sweet and malty with fruity and herbal hops.

Fact: Beer has been produced in Scotland for approximately 5,000 years.




Alcohol 6.0% (5.0% export)

The domestic Chang has a malty, almost grassy aroma, and is light in flavour. The beer has a decent body and a lingering finish, which hints toward the bitter side.

Fact: The two “versions” of Chang are very different. The export is 100% malt beer while the Chang sold in Thailand is brewed with rice.



AleSmith Speedway Stout

Alcohol 12.0%

AleSmith Speedway Stout pours black with a dark brown head. The aroma has a strong coffee element to it, and the taste is dominated by a rich, creamy flavour of coffee with hints of chocolate.

Fact: AleSmith was awarded “Small Brewing Company and Small Brewing Company of the Year” at the Great American Beer Festival.



Bia Siagon Lager

Alcohol 4.3%

Bia Siagon Lager has an aroma of light malt, hay, and caramel. The taste is light malty and honey sweet with almost no bitterness and with a lively carbonation.

Fact: The brewery is owned by Vietnam’s Ministry of Trade and Industry and currently produces 51.4% of the national beer market.



Celt Ogham ‘Ash’ Imperial Porter

Alcohol 10.5%

This porter has a complex taste of roasted coffee, dark chocolate, espresso with a liquorice finish, and an enticing winery backbone. The aroma has hints of roasted malt, coffee, and dark chocolate with surprising citrus or grass notes.

Fact: The Celt Experience brewery started up in owner Tom Newman’s dad’s garage!



Mosi Lager

Alcohol 4.0%

Mosi is a clear pale lager with a minimal white head. With a Light-medium body, it has a sweeter malt character upon first taste which is followed by some herby hops.

Fact: The beer is named for the indigenous name for Victoria Falls (Mosi Oa Tunya).



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