Bedroom Colours? What It Says About You [Infographic]

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It isn’t often that psychologists and interior designers can be brought together, but when it comes to learning what the colour of your bedroom says about you, they definitely have something in common.

Many of us probably don’t give too much thought to what it means when we decide to decorate our bedroom in a becalming shade of blue or a fiery, aggressive red.  They just happen to be the colours we like there and then, maybe because we’ve seen some furniture in a catalogue that we think would look brilliant and match it.

This infographic goes behind the colour of your bedroom to reveal exactly what it says about you as a person, and will assist you in reading others once you’ve discovered how their bedroom is decorated!  Not only are you set to discover something new about yourself, you’ll also be able to spook your friends by telling them what the colour of their bedroom reveals about their personality.

Is it what you’d expect, or does a change from green to blue indicate a surprising element of a person’s psyche?  There’s also definite food for thought if you’re considering decorating your bedroom in the near future; are you sure about your colour choices having viewed this infographic?

Bedroom Colours? What It Says About You [Infographic]

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Red is the strongest of all colours, shows strength, vitality, and a vigour for attacking life and making things happen. To others it is a sign of danger, warning, and a need to be careful. Having a red theme throughout your bedroom will definitely keep people on their toes when they visit your house for the first time.

A blue bedroom shows that you’re a trustworthy, dependable person with a level head; nothing gets you too down but nothing makes you feel too euphoric, either. At the same time, you’re not a walkover and know exactly what you want. You’re wise, measured, and if you do have a little devil in you this will be shown in shades such as electric blue.

Brown is a neutral colour, like green, is reflected in the type of person who would have a bedroom of that colour. A person with a brown bedroom isn’t likely to shout or scream when things aren’t going their way and are less likely to be impulsive or make snap decisions. The colour shows the person knows what they want and are happy to think about different ways to get it, although it can also be a sign of one who is headstrong to the point of stubbornness.

The most feminine colour of all, pink embodies the fighting strength and vitality of red, but with a much softer, considered, and sensitive edge. It also shows a person yearning for protection, or feeling the need to protect others. While a pink bedroom shows a person who is generally secure, it could also show a need for attention and affection on a regular basis.

Green is the colour of calm and assurance, and as such is perfect for the one place in your house you want to be relaxing about all others. Those with green bedrooms tend to be secure in themselves, generous, and be good listeners. While they know what they want, these people can be too modest and humble to the point of becoming walkovers, and should take care to make sure their friends and family don’t see them as such.

Bedroom Colours?
What It Says About You

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Ben is an interior design student who loves spooking his friends by telling them what their bedroom says about them, although he admittedly has no idea when it comes to unusual colour schemes!  Ben’s bedroom is green, and he purchased sliding wardrobe doors at Superglide with a wood grain finish to carry on the refreshing, outdoor feeling his room gives to him.