Do You Have What It Takes To Become A Mystery Shopper?

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Do You Have What It Takes To Become A Mystery Shopper?

Have you ever sat and thought to yourself “How do businesses make decisions?” Well one of the main ways businesses make decisions is by the feedback from their customers, this gives them first hand insights into how customers feel about their services. However, using a mystery shopper is a great way of getting detailed feedback about how you preform as a business.

Quality is what makes consumers head out to establishments, whether it’s the gym, cinema, hotel or your local shops. And, how do you know if an establishment is good? Well mystery shoppers of cause.

Mystery shopping companies are always on the lookout for mystery shoppers to take on different projects all across the country. So what do you need to become a mystery shopper and do you have what it takes?

Can you work to deadlines?

Mystery shopping jobs work on a tight time scale, you need to be able to attend the job in question, fulfill the brief, and then you need to provide a written report on your findings. Jobs cannot be rushed, instead it’s about time management in order to be able to get your tasks done in time. If you can handle deadlines without feeling the stress then applying for the odd mystery shopping job might suit you well.

Are you enthusiastic and reliable?

Do You Have What It Takes To Become A Mystery Shopper?

When working for a mystery shopping company you never know what job you will be given, it could be something you will really enjoy or it could be something you would rather not go and do. Despite the fact you have the option to turn down mystery jobs you want to create the right impression that you are a reliable member of the team. Enthusiasm plays hand in hand with your reliability, you need to turn up to jobs with the right attitude in order to assess a company and its services correctly.

Do you have a good memory?

When out on a job you can’t walk round a facility with a pen and notepad jotting down your observations because you will stick out like a sore thumb! Instead you need to be able to rely on your memory skills.

How are your observational skills?

Mystery shopping requires you to be observational, you need to be able to notice the little things which will either show the company in a good or bad light. Is the building sufficiently clean? Are staff members friendly or are they using aggressive hand gestures when dealing with customers? These are the things which will either show a company in a good or bad light.

Do you have good writing skills?

Do You Have What It Takes To Become A Mystery Shopper?

Mystery shopping visits are recorded by various different methods, either by video, audio or written reports. If you are not very technically savvy then you would most likely be asked to provide a written report of your findings. This is where your writing skills come in to play, you must be able to write a clear detailed report which can be shared with your client in order to discover your findings.

If you think you could handle the pressures of mystery shopping then why not look for your nearest mystery shopping company, you never know what exciting journey you will be out on.

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