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Since an epiphany at the orphanage, involving an abusive manager, I have found myself obsessed with total-enclosure rubber bondage, and excessive masturbation.

My first experience outside the orphanage, happened, when I rented a room from a grand-motherly widow, who thought I was cute and flirted outrageously, even at her age. I was very horny, very frustrated, and unable to find a girl closer to my own age, who didn’t immediately think I was crazy. I had found an army-surplus bodybag from the 70’s, and made a couple of adaptations to it. I was in the habit of getting into it, and sleeping like that, and “wanking” on and off the entire night. (preferred that English term)

Inevitably I started to obsess about getting the landlady to put me in the bag, and one Friday evening, after our weekly dinner and wine, I raised the subject, obliquely (I thought) I said I had this friend who had this bag, and wanted to get tied up in it, and what did she think? She said she thought I should own up to it being about me! Embarrassed, I finally admitted it. “And you want me to tie you up in this bag? You realize I’m old enough to be your grandmother!” she responded. I shrugged awkwardly, wishing I’d never mentioned it, but she went on “I don’t see any harm in it! Let’s do it!”

In my room, I hastily got into the bag, zipped it up as far as I could, after tying it tight round my neck, so the small nylon zipper lay across my lips, and the two air-holes were right over my nostrils, then issued a very muffled invitation to come in. “Oh, wow!” she said, all giggly….”You are a sight for sore eyes!” She examined me carefully, then worked the zipper up all the way, right under the cord round my neck, thus ensuring that there was no way I could get at it, and I was trapped, until she said different! “You’re in trouble now, young man! How do you know I won’t just keep you in there?” I gasped for air through the open zipper at my mouth, and admitted I knew such a thing was always possible.


“I’m going to leave you in there now, and then later, we’ll talk! Good night, pretty boy!” Eventually I fell asleep, and then I dreamed I was helpless and someone was wanking me, slowly and intensely. Then I woke, and found it was no dream! My “goodies” had been pulled outside, through the other zipper I had installed, which was now closed tight round the roots of my package! I moaned and groaned, frantic with arousal, then she sealed me into silence by easing the mouth zipper tight shut, so I had survival air only, not enough for the luxury of speech! I was slippery with sweat, in the hot wet rubber, and with something tied round my waist, trapping my arms in a loose folded position, I was utterly helpless, and unable to do anything to avoid what was happening!

Not that I wanted to, very bad! I writhed in silent ecstasy, as the intensity of my arousal kept on growing and growing until I thought I would go mad! “Okay, let’s talk!” she said coolly, then laughed as I made a faint “mmmmmmmmmffff!” sound. “Okay, I’ll talk – you just listen! You have no idea who I am, or was, more accurately! I did some jail-time for unlawful imprisonment, but this is different! You asked me to do this! You wanted it, and I finally gave in for the sake of peace and quiet. Now, at the appropriate moment, I’m going to record you begging me to do this to you, and saying you know my past, and all that, and it’s okay….you get my drift?”

“Mmmmmmm!” I managed, nodding furiously, in the throes of a near-orgasm. Her caress slowed, got more gossamer, and my frantic need kept on growing. She opened my mouth back up, and said “Are you happy, young man?” I gasped, “Yes Ma’am!” and she said, “Good! Now I’ve told you about me, so I ask you for the record, do you want me to let you out? I will, if you ask!” I groaned and said “No, no, nooooo! Don’t! Don’t EVER let me out! Keep doing this! Please! I want you to! I need you to!” So, she didn’t and she did, and we’ve had this very strange relationship now for over a year, with neither of us wanting it to change, one little bit!



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