Most Astonishing Buildings [Infographic]

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Astonishing Buildings That Aren’t Built Yet

Water Droplet Resort

“Wonder” means feeling aroused by something strange or surprising and wishing to know more about it. If you love drooling over the wonders of architectural eye candy, then here is one infographic you cannot afford to miss. This infographic is about the architectural wonders that are supposed to take place nearly in coming future. All these designs are unique in their own way.

This infographic includes projects like:

  • “The Dragonfly” – The structure’s height is supposed to be of 600 meters.
  • “Dynamic Wind-Powered Rotating Tower” – It will consist of 80 floors which will be able to rotate at 360 degrees on voice commands.
  • “My Dream Our Vision” – The project will be constructed with the help of 3866 modular cubes.

To know more about such projects have a look on the following infographic.

Most Astonishing Buildings [Infographic]

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For all those who love to admire the blend of architecture and engineering, here are some of the buildings that if built could have taken construction sector to a whole new level.



The structure has 132 floors which take the edifice up to the height of 600 meters. Accommodating 28 floors dedicated to farming and agriculture, the building will be an architectural miracle in itself and will allow farmers to grow and cultivate fruits, vegetables, grains, and other daily eatables. The Dragonfly is an urban farm concept for New York City’s Roosevelt Island. The designer and architect of the building Vincent Callebaut intends to reconnect the producers with consumers and aims to meet the food, housing, and energy challenges of the future.



With the facility of high definition cameras and LEDs, this tower can literally disappear in the skyline. Standing tall in the land of South Korea, Infinity Tower will be the first tower with such specialty. The construction of the tower is expected to start from next year.




Designed by Italian architect David Fisher; the Dynamic tower will be built in such a way that each of the 80 floors can rotate up to 360 degrees on voice commands. The vision behind such a marvelous design by Fisher was to provide a magnificent view of sunrise and sunset from the same room. To rotate each and every floor, the building, Dynamic Tower uses 79 wind turbines and solar panels.



As urban areas become more congested and dense, it becomes more challenging for city dwellers to spend time outdoors, exercise, and relax. To that end, a San Francisco based architecture came up with a magnificent idea of neuron like structure over the top of skyscrapers which includes fields, pools, public parks, and amphitheaters. This network of futuristic skyscrapers is known by the name of Sky-Terra Skyscrapers.



It is highly important to focus on issues like global warming, exponential growth of human population, and scarcity of living land. This project can be a solution to accommodate millions of people along with the facility of built-in farms, circular cities, and public transit. All these facilities are just a small step in establishing a whole new smart civilization and leave behind the issues of politics, poverty, and war.



With the help of 3866 modular cubes, the building will be standing tall in the land of Singapore. Following the concept of digitization, the building is designed in the form of a digital dream. The edifice uses permutated cubes which gives it a look of a pixelated sculpture. It is being designed in the form of lightened digital cloud levitating constantly over a lush pastureland. The marquee uses sunlight excellently and is thoughtfully sloped at teh base to give a good view of displayed sites.



The building concept destined for Vancouver, Canada will be completely built by woods instead of using traditional building materials. If ever built, the skyscraper will be the tallest wooden man-made structure in the world. Woods are much easily available and are even more cost-effective than steel or concrete and it is undoubtedly a great eco-friendly concept.



The building is conceived as two buildings merging into one in the city of Shanghai. Resembling the Chinese character, the building is the combination of two edifices, one merging from land and the other from water. The building emerging from water is dedicated to activities including sports health and water center whereas the land emerged building is dedicated to enlightenment and spirit.



A team of Boston Architects Howelers and Yoon and Los Angeles Digital Designers Squared Labs are working on a design to stimulate the growth of bio-fuel crops for use in the automotive industry. The idea behind this vertical tower of prefabricated “eco-pods” filled with bio-fuel producing algae for the space that the bio-fueld can be easily disassembled and redistributed around places near Boston.



A perfect combination of architecture and engineering, this resort will be the first of its kind which has the capability of transforming water through air. Designed as a single water drop the resort will use solar and air power to make clean drinking water.  With the combination of latticed design and advanced techniques, pure drinking water can be extracted from humid air and condensation.





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