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Assistant Manager at a Diner

Author: Anonymous
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This one’s a bit of a horror story. I work at a diner franchise in Tarboro, NC as Assistant Manager. Trust me the title is exactly what it is, a title. There’s no pay raise, and my hours are just as subject to change as anyone else’s, which is a real pain in the ass when this is your only source of income.

Anyway, this goes back before I was even an Assistant Manager. I had only been working for two months, and this was one of my first real night shifts. Most of our training is on-the-job, so, I was still rather new at all this. I was only a fry boy. The guy in charge of my training and running the grill that night was quite possibly the worst choice my boss could’ve made. He was “The Laziest S.O.B.” in there (My boss’ words, not mine).

So here’s where the problem arises.

We’re in the middle of our dinner rush and it’s just starting to taper off. We get near the end with only three tickets left, and he leaves us to, and I quote: “Smoke a cig and eat a sandwich.” Now, I can understand a cig after a stressful situation like what we had just experienced (Trust me, it was near closing and I was exhausted), but a SANDWICH!?

  • We aren’t supposed to eat on the clock anyway
  • He made it in the middle of the rush, didn’t pay, and didn’t care
  • He left two completely unprepared cooks to flail about behind the cook line like a pair of dying fish!

And flail we did. He didn’t end up coming back up for 30 minutes (Who takes thirty minutes to eat a sandwich!?), and by then we had closed. He was one of the first to leave, leaving all the grunt work of cleaning up to us.

Worst part is, my boss replied after hear all this: “Did you guys survive? Then it’s all good.” I had half a mind to knock his block off right there.

Want to know what’s even worse? I’m still working there.

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  1. c says:

    A horror story? Your boss took a long break? This is the worst post on this whole site lol

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  • I work at a diner as an Assistant Manager in Tarboro, NC. My hours are subject to change, no pay raise. It's a pain.
  • I had only been working 2 months and the guy in charge of my training was on grill one night. He was a lazy SOB.
  • We’re in the middle of our dinner rush and it’s just starting to taper off.
  • He just leaves for a cigarette break and didn't come back for a half hour. I ended up having to do everything - cook - run the front end - all myself.
  • All my boss cared about was that 'we survived'. And that's my job.