7 Smart Ways To Ascend Your Career Ladder Faster

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Most people want to climb the corporate ladder but only a few realise that the power to do so lies within their reach. They do not like marking time in just one position; day-after-day, year-after-year. They want to move up and gain notoriety, a better title and of course: a higher pay. So what can you do to help facilitate this move in your company? With these steps, you should be able to start the process of moving up.

Some important things you can do to help facilitate moving up the ladder, are:

1. Grow your knowledge – Learning all you can about everything; from details about your company, to more about what your position does and is responsible for. This can impress your boss. Learn all you can, and get knowledgeable to show them you are serious about your work ethic.

2. Differentiate yourself – Get noticed. Stand out from the crowd. Find out all you can about your company and how it ticks, to show your superiors that you take a keen interest in it and have the drive to succeed. Make out some of your personal time to think about ideas that can bring a positive change in the company even if it is outside your department.

3. Help others succeed – Take an interest in others’ success. Help others in your company move up and get promotions. This shows that you do not have a “cut throat” mentality and want others to succeed. A very selfless act.


4. Remember, timing is everything – Always plan ahead for your next attempt at moving up. Know what is happening in your company and if the timing is right to go for a promotion. Don’t be the guy who tries to take advantage of certain situations to move up, but do so in planned, increments. If you don’t take advantage of good times to go for a promotion, or you try to take advantage of a bad situation to move up, you may find you are not in good favor with your superiors, or your peers.

5. Side-step if you have to – Moving up may mean to move sideways, first. You may have to make a unilateral move first, before you start making your way up the ladder. Don’t be discouraged, it’s just part of the corporate game to have to move laterally before making the upward turn.

6. The ninth month – Have you ever heard that timing is everything? In the game of corporate transfers, that time is about 9 months. You should wait until you have been at your company 9 months before considering asking for a move or transfer. This gives you time to learn the company well; its policies and procedures, as well as what you could do to benefit the company.

7. Avoid dead ends – Be smart about your moves. Just because your boss offers an open position to you, doesn’t mean you have to take it. And it doesn’t mean it’s the right move. Make sure you don’t just take a position to appease your boss. Make sure it is the right one for you, and your goals of moving up.

This article was written by Juliana Rodwell, an South African branded talent manager. She recommends this website for careers in South Africa.



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