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  1. MindGawker says:

    I found this resource for web designers/developers. Enjoy..

    19 Free And Stylish Minimalistic Fonts For Your Designs

  2. Yahoo! Finance: Unemployed and Older, and Facing a Jobless Future

  3. Read This: Medical Marijuana has a new high-profile advocate

  4. You may want to read this, as your website could effect your marketing efforts for your business.

    17 Compelling Stats That Make the Case for Smarter Site Design

  5. 10 Things Co-Workers Won’t Tell You

  6. Alice says:

    About time they acknowledged that! There has been a film around for years now called "Run for the Cure" of something. Prooves this!

  7. This is not the way to run a company... Yahoo! Is Forcing Employees To Rank Each Other and They Hate It

  8. Little Kids Come to Read Books To Shelter Cats

  9. Would You Do Volunteer Work to Pay Off Your Student Loans? Now You Can

  10. Medical marijuana and 'the entourage effect'

  11. 30 Pilots And Flight Attendants Confess The Best Kept Secrets You Don’t Know About Flying

  12. Make Your Copy Longer: An Archive of Research-based Marketing Facts. No Intuition. No Bullshit

  13. Should You Look for the Right Job or the Right Company?

  14. 20 Healthy Snacks to Pack for Work

    13 Health Challenges to Start with Your Co-Workers

    Deskercise! 33 Smart Ways to Exercise at Work

    15-Minute High Intensity Interval Training Workout (Video!)

  15. The One Reason For Quitting I'll Never Be Mad About

  16. The Top 5 Things You Should Never Do At Work

  17. Tattoo Artist Gives Woman With Down Syndrome Free Tattoos Every Friday

  18. 10 Ways to Feed a Starving Artist

  19. 25 playful ways to get unstuck

  20. Freelancing: 2 Years, $230,000+ and 9 Big Lessons Later

  21. Why the 8-Hour Workday Doesn't Work for You (and What to Do Instead)

    Don't Waste Your Time with Online Job Applications -- Here's Why!

  22. Matthew Gates, the owner of Confessions of the Professions, has some advice for long-form bloggers, check out How Super Bloggers Work: Getting Efficient with A Blog Schedule. - Jason

  23. Roger Moreno says:

    Here are some tips to help you design an effective name badge lay out

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