Angel in School

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I started my day as always by getting up at 6 a.m. and taking a bath and doing all the common everyday stuffs. After reaching school I saw every boy in my class staring at a girl which I hadn’t seen before in class. I asked one of my friend and he told me that she is a new girl and everyone thinks that she is sexy.

I also found her good looking but I was a shy boy and I felt like that I have no chance of getting her, when everyone is also after her. I ignored her prettiness and sat on a desk at the very last of the class and the whole day went on like normal for me but everyone else in the class was just busy in being friendly with her and everyone was talking about her and it was really boring day for me because even my friends were trapped in her charm. I was thinking that this is the worst day because I was getting bored and the main reason was that I also liked her but the thought of not getting her was making me feel really sucking but everything changed with the bell of the ending of 8th period.

As the bell rang everyone packed there bags and started to leave the school and I also did the same but while i was passing through the main corridor of school I found that she was waiting for someone and to be honest she was pretty like an angel. I decided to hide myself and pass through her quickly without letting her to notice me but the moment I was in her sight she started walking towards me and my skin got a pinkish white color.

I started to walk even quickly but as she came near to me she caught me by my palm and in a voice like an angel she said, “Do you always leave this late? I was waiting for you for 10 minutes.” I hesitantly asked “why were you waiting for me?” and her face also got pink and she replied, “I like you and wanted to be your friend.”




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