The Golden Rules Of Advertising Banners And Billboards

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Banner advertising is everywhere we look. All over towns and at roadsides we see brightly coloured adverts, all competing to grab our attention. Advertising does not come cheap so it is important to make the best of the space that you have. It is a complete waste of time to spend your money on an ad which blends into the background, but it is also not advisable to waste money on an ad which creates a poor image of your brand. Below we have a few top tips for representing your brand on advertising banners, signs and billboards.

Don’t confuse potential customers

Making effective use of the space that you have is important. If there is too much information and too many images, your advert will be so cluttered that people take no notice whatsoever. Too much text is a big no-no. When you’re trying to grab the attention of people on the go, too much text will be ignored. Instead, try to simplify your advertising by cutting the text down to a few major points, along with your brand name and number or website displayed prominently. Too much text is rendered useless as no-one will be able to digest the information whilst passing by. Bear in mind that when it comes to advertising, the phrase “less is more” is incredibly relevant.

What first impression does your advert give?

Bear in mind that when a person views your ad, this could well be the first time that they have ever heard of your brand. Making a great first impression is incredibly important. It is also crucial that your branding comes across effectively. If the first impression that you make is that of an unprofessional company, this will dictate how successful your business is in the future. Ensure that you’ve got your branding spot on before plunging money into advertising. Your logo and company colours should have been established before you begin advertising.

Make it legible

Although it may sound like an obvious point, all too many companies don’t make their advertising materials legible. As you often pay for advertising by space, many companies feel compelled to fill that space to make the most of their money. This is not an ideal tactic. Think of one of the world’s biggest brands, Apple. Apple have some of the simplest branding in the world, yet they are not short of success. Sometimes, simplicity is more effective. Of course, don’t try to replicate Apple, but bear them in mind when you’re planning on cluttering up your advertising space to get your money’s worth. Remember that if no one can read your ad, they will not take anything away from it.

Don’t go overboard with colour

Imagine what a tacky advert looks like. Chances are, you are visualising a cluttered advert filled with unnecessarily bright mixes of colour. Once again, simplicity is best. Choose a few colours to use for your branding and stick with them. A few colours helps with branding and creates a more professional image.

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  1. I like banners and ads that I can read. It’s frustrating to like the image on the ad but I can’t read the text. So I really agree with you to make the text legible to those who have not perfect vision like me. That’s why I like the banners of The texts are legible and the images are high def.

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