Advantage of Custom Packaging for E-Commerce [Infographic]

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Custom Packaging Benefits For Your E-Commerce Business

Wooden Box Package

Packaging an item particularly for conveyance is a fundamental part of an e-commerce business. At its most basic level, packaging needs to guarantee and ensure that requests are secured to minimise harm. A more propelled methodology is to utilise the bundling to upgrade the client encounter and to fortify the organisation brand.

On the other hand, poor packaging can bring about an additional long-lead-time and a baffled customer. In this competitive e-commerce platform, you have to cover all the aspect that increase sales, customer loyalty, and brand value.

Packaging plays a vital role because it reflect brand value, and once item reached to the client the first impression or contact is in its packaging. It’s also responsible because it ensures the safety of the product.

So retailers have to understand the importance of packaging material used in shipping and present it as a Gift to them. Investing in Packaging in E-commerce is a worth investment and helps in improving your brand value. Check this post and know the advantage of custom packaging in E-commerce.

Advantage of Custom Packaging for E-Commerce [Infographic]

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Advantage of Custom Packaging for Ecommerce

Dimensional Weight Pricing

A Gamer Changer For Retailers

  • As of January 2016, major carriers implemented ‘dimensional weight’ pricing on all shipments. Retailers are now charged for shipping volume, rather than just weight.
  • Carriers implemented this change because excessive packaging had been affecting vehicle volumes by more than 300%. Retailers must now be acutely aware of excessive packaging and void fill.
  • To most retailers, custom packaging just means branded packaging.
  • But with dimensional weight pricing, optimal sizing and protective packaging can mean major savings on shipping costs.


What Does Custom Packaging Actually Cost?

Plastic Bag 
(Poly bag, sticker label, sticky seal, full print)
£1.99 – £3.89

Shrink Wrap Sleeve
(Printed, clear)
£0.05 – £0.15

Paper Bag
(Sticker label, printed label, foil stamp, ribbon handle)
£0.25 – £0.35

Folding Carton
(paperboard box)
£0.30 – £0.60

Fancy Folding Carton
(Window, foil stamp, print on the inside, many inks, foil board)
£0.60 – £0.85

Plastic Box
(printed, glued)
£0.75 – £0.95

Rigid Box
(basic print, simple liner, basic styles, machine assembled)
£0.75 – £3.00

Fancy Rigid Box
(premium papers, foil stamp, magnetic closure, foam insert, luxury paper liner, ribbon, hand and machine assembled)
£1.00 – £5.00


Costs estimated based on a quantity of 10,000. Will vary based on locations and products shipped.


First Impressions Matter

  • Custom packaging is the first tactile experience for an e-commerce customer.
  • First impressions form within 100 milliseconds, and often remain intact even when contradicted by factual information.
  • “Unboxing” videos, where users record themselves “unboxing” an item they have purchased or received, take these first impressions to a new level.
  • Since 2010, the number of YouTube videos with “unboxing” in their title has grown by 871%.
  • In 2013 alone, 6.5 years worth of unboxing footage was uploaded to YouTube.


But Custom Packaging Means More than Just Branding

  • It also means custom box sizes and protective packaging
  • 80% of customers say protection is the most important aspect of packaging.
  • 11% of global customers are completely satisfied with packaging today.
  • Custom box sizes and packing leads to increased safety for shipped products, and few worries about something being damaged in transit.
  • Without appropriate protective packaging, 1 in 10 packages will arrive damaged.
  • Three out of five consumers say their relationship with a retailer would be negatively impacted if they received a broken or damaged online order.
  • Two in fave say they would consider purchasing from a competitor before purchasing from the retailer again.
  • One in five say they would never use that retailer again.


Custom packaging is more than just branded packaging: by using optimal sizing and protect packaging, you can save costs on shipping and impress your customers.


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