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11 Best Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value


Sellers are often advised to do a few choice home remodels before putting their house on the market. But actually, not all investments can bring you great returns and how do you decide which remodels are worth your time and investment?

Here is where the experts come into picture. According to the below infographic compiled by Meadow HillConservatories, conservatories top the list when it comes to remodeling your house. According to their research, conservatories can bring you a return of up to 108% on your investment, making it the most profitable part of your home to spend money on. With more than 200,000 annual applications for conservatory planning permission every year, it is no wonder that conservatories are at the top of the list when it comes to adding value to a home through remodeling.

You can also think of investing in good landscaping, side returns, wooden deck and home exteriors for great returns. A well-designed and well-maintained garden not only increases the sale ability of the property, but also gives you an ROI of 88%. Investments in side returns, the exteriors, a wooden deck, an extension, the roof, new floor carpets, loft conversion, the kitchen and bathrooms can also bring you good returns.

Add Value To Your Home [Infographic]

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Home improvements that add the most value:

Top home improvements Return on Investment Average Costs
Conservatory 108% £5,300
Landscaping 88% £4,550
Side Return 84% £27,000
Deck 81% £2000
Exterior 75% £6,000
Extension 71% £19,750
Roof 63% £4,150
Floor carpets 50% £4,000
Loft Conversion 50% £24,600
Kitchen 49% £9,600
Bathroom 48% £4,900


With a profit of £5,750, conservatories top the list when it comes to revamping your house. What can be better than a naturally lit extension in the warm environment of your garden!

  • Over 200,000 households apply for conservatory planning permission every year.
  • 75% of these applicants are couples with 3 children.

Key Benefits:

  • Add over £9,000 to your home’s value
  • Enjoy extra space and light throughout the year
  • Have a fantastic access to your garden
  • Avoid the increasingly expensive property market


Outdoor areas are often neglected, especially the garden. But it’s surprising to learn the benefits that a well-designed and well-maintained landscaping can offer.

  • 84% of real-estate professionals recommend good landscaping architecture.
  • A landscaped property s valued up to 11.3% higher than its base price.

Key Benefits:

  • Increase the saleability of your property by 98%!
  • Planting windbreaks and shade trees can reduce winter heating bills by 15% and air conditioning needs by 75%
  • Increase curb appeal and entice buyers to check out the inside of your home
  • Add 36% to safe and high-quality play area for children

Side Return


If planned properly, the unused space at your backyard can bring you an ROI of 84%! Besides offering a wide, spacious room at the back of your house, side-returns give you the option of a complete redesign of your home.

  • A house with old and worn-out siding losses up to 10% of its value.
  • Fiber-cement siding provides the strongest ROI of 83.9%.

Key Benefits:

  • Use of wasted space
  • Increase natural light
  • Flexible construction options to revamp your backyard

Wooden Deck

The natural and rustic look of a wooden deck is a big relaxation for those who want to escape the humdrum of everyday life.

  • Construction costs for a wood deck are less than £23 per square foot.

Key Benefits:

  • Low maintenance
  • High durability allows multiple furnishing and lighting options
  • Ensures 81% return on your investment


Only if the curb appeal is impressive enough the customer be willing to explore the interiors of your house.

  • In the 1st 30 seconds of entering your house, the buyer decides whether he wants it or not.
  • 90% of houses are first viewed on the internet.

Key Benefits:

  • Ensure a profit of £4,500
  • Keep burglars away with a well-maintained and well-lit outdoor
  • Catch the attraction of the neighbourhood


People usually like spacious homes. Extensions, either done on the same floor or across two floors, are sure to earn you several points.

  • Make sure to check with the government rules before starting work on extending your house.
  • Typically £35,000 spent can convert into as much as a £70,000 increase in value.
  • Versatile rooms have greater appeal to potential buyers.

Key Benefits:

  • Bring home a profit of £14,000
  • Increase your property’s value by minimum 20%.


A bad roof can steeply affect the value of your house. It is best to attend to the tiniest fix that your roof might need before showing your house to buyers.

  • Studies say that a damaged roof or an old roof often turns prospective buyers away.

Key Benefits:

  • Earn a profit of £2,600
  • Give your home a modern and crisp look

Floor Carpets

A good way of adding elegance and sophistication to your house is to get new carpets or to get your old carpet cleansed of all stains and odours.

  • Nearly 70% of real-estate experts believe that upgrading your floor carpet can earn you huge benefits.

Key Benefits:

  • Add a profit of £2,000
  • Give your house a fresh look

Loft Conversion

This is perhaps the easiest way to get a new bedroom or a bathroom or a work space. Loft conversions add:

  • 5% to your home’s value for an extra bathroom
  • 6% to your home’s value for an extra bedroom
  • 20% to your home’s value for an ensuite bedroom

Key Benefits:

  • Make the most from wasted space at the top of your home
  • Utilise the large area for a bedroom, bathroom or even office
  • Add thousands of pounds to your property’s value
  • Earn profits worth £12,000


Be it any party, the only place in the house where your guests are drawn to is the kitchen. It is utterly important that this important hunger hub has a fresh and attractive look to it.

  • Experts say that the neighbourhood must be considered when planning the kitchen.
  • Gourmet kitchens with high-end accessories do not attract potential customers.
  • The price bracket of your kitchen should match the price bracket of your house.

Key Benefits:

  • Ensure a profit of £4,750
  • Add 4.6% to your home’s value


Last but not the least, bathrooms have become an integral part of the house to add to its value.

  • Ensure that all leaks are attended to.
  • Whirlpool baths hardly return the amount invested.

Key Benefits:

  • Enjoy a profit of £2,350
  • Add 2.8% to the house value.




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