A Convicted Felon

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Today i am a free man able to write this confession. I am happy to be free. I am staying out of trouble, trying to do what is right. I went to prison for a few months and it felt like i was in there for years, wasting my life away, trying to get thru it. It’s not easy because I am now a convicted felon. But let me get to that point of how I went to jail.

It all started when I began seeing this girl, her name was Mya. I knew her since high school i was in love and never had a female do the things for me like she did and have someone care and love me the way she did. i was getting out of relationship where i thought i was the father to a kid that wasn’t mine and all she did was drain my bank account, fuck up my car and the relationship and sex wasn’t great.. this other girl was just taking advantage of me. So one day, I got some good weed and really wanted to get to know Mya, who I was crushin on for a long time. I asked her out, we smoked some cush, and one thing led to another and we became besties and even more.. she was the love of my life.

Mya was the best woman second to my mom and sister. She cooked, washed my clothes, rolled my blunts once i got out of work. And I tried to treat her as best as I could, helping her financially, showing my support for anything she did. i loved that girl with all my heart and all my soul.

The months went by way too quickly, and I would give anything to have her back again… we had been going out for about 6 months, when they found her. She was working as a secretary for a registrar and transfer company. She pretty much did a little bit of everything from secretary to warehouse worker. She did stocks and bonds paperwork for a bunch of companies.

And then that fateful day came. I had dropped her off that day and went to hang out with my father. The morning went fine.. me and my father had a good time catching up. I checked my phone.. saw Mya had emailed me, asking me how my day was, and told me she was headed to lunch. An hour later, her co-workers found her. She was found murdered. She had been raped and hanged.

Her family wanted to kill me because they thought it was me. Her family and the cops kept blaming me. They did not do an autopsy or anything because her father was a Jehovah witness so they had to bury her right away. The cops interviewed me a few times, kept following me around, harassing me, and I just wanted them to find out who did it. I figured they would have the DNA evidence, but they said nothing about it.

So it had been a few months, I was just living life, working, mourning, trying to get it past me. But you never get over the loss of the ones you love. There is not a day that goes by where I do not think about my girl. I miss her so much. Since her loss, my life seemed to go in a downward spiral day by day, little by little.

One day, my cousin came to me and asked me how he could make money easy because his father wasn’t feeding him or buying him clothes. He was in his senior year of high school. I told him I knew of an easy way to make money. He needed money fast and I could make some profit myself. I introduced him to the drug world. It was simple because it was just selling and distributing marijuana. good supply and demand job.

It wasn’t like I was getting him hooked on marijuana to the point where I would need to go to HowtoHelpaDrugAddict.com or any other similar resources just to be able to help him stop or anything.

This was short-lived.. since my house is close to a school and my house is considered to be in a school zone area so anyone with drugs in the area is going to get a harder sentence passed to them. With weed you just get a fine or no jail time unless you are smoking by a school or caught with a certain amount on you.

The cops were driving around the area and happened to notice us. We were just chillin’ and we were caught. They found no money or cash on me, just an ounce of weed in a ziplock bag in my pocket right in front of my house. My cousin was able to walk away with a slap on his hand because he was a minor, so I was the one who had to deal with the weight of it and my life was already in shambles from my loss. I became a convicted felon for having marijuana in a school zone.

The prison system is just modern day slavery. It’s all about how many people can fill the cells so that the tax dollars can keep rolling into the prison system. Must be good business since the cells were mostly full.

During my time in jail, i learned a lot about survival skills like how to use a battery and anything metal for a lighter became the domino champ, but besides that, the food sucks and you are in hell because you share a closet and a bathroom with everyone else. Any privacy you think you have is gone, even trying to hide stuff under your pillow, in a sock, or in your body crevices eventually get discovered.

The majority of the people in there thought i was spanish so i had to stay in 23/7 one hour a day to wash, talk on the phone, and get a book every now and then.. it was hell. i was in there for like 2 months and it was mostly just me and my thoughts.. then they put me in population.

While in there I got to hear a lot of stories from the inmates. There were so many crazy stories for why people were in there. One dude was high on pills and drunk and stole a van from Newark and went to an Exxon gas station on 1 & 9 next to white castle, stole a pack of cigs and took the cops on a chase thru roselle and got shot cause he took it on the run. There are people who deserve to be in there for beating on their girls, others was drugs guns and violation of probation.

I went insane but i had a cool bunky and we talked about everything.

I served my time and don’t want to go back anymore. nobody made me their bitch and it’s all how you handle yourself. i was going to fight a crip but then i thought about if i go to the hole i might get jumped by other crips but now i see that fag at probation now… small world.

I can handle jail as long as i have commissary. i’m a people person so i can talk to anybody. But i don’t want to ever go back there. When I got out, i wanted to better myself and got a job at a Celgene Warehouse, until they did a serious background check and it said I was a convicted felon caught w/cds but they didn’t say weed by a school zone my house is in the backyard of school. I eventually lost the job but they are reviewing my performance and I might get it back in a few months.

My freedom just made me realize how important it is to you once it gets taken away from you. i learned a lot about the law. i learned so much from reading and talking to the bigger drug dealers who told me that if i wasn’t in Linden i wouldn’t be in jail which i think is true. An ounce of weed is not a lot of weed.

I want to move to a state where it’s legal and start my own edible business and have freedom in my life without having society and people say i’m no good because i’m a convicted felon over weed.