7 Ways Santa Could Be A Better Boss [Infographic]

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How Santa Could Be A Better Boss

Big Santa Long Wishlist

It may look like Santa is a superhero and he may seem jolly when he is delivering presents, but once he returns home, his factory is in business all year round, making toys, and getting ready for next year. You would hope that Santa does take a vacation and allows for his worker elves and reindeer to take their vacations too, but work is work, and everyone must meet their deadlines, which is exactly the eve of December 24th of every year. The expectation deadline date is December 25th of around 7 AM – 10 AM. Everyone is always on the receiving end and getting presents delivered to them, but imagine what it would be like working for Santa. We would hope that he is a joy to work for, but even Santa must have his own stresses and demands, and that would rub off on to his workers at times.

We get it: No boss is going to be a great boss 100% of the time, and no employee usually expects it, but it all comes down to a boss respecting employees and realizing that without the employees, the boss would not be where they are today or capable of doing what they can do without those employees. Treating an employee with respect goes a long way, especially during those rough times. Rather than the boss feeling as if the demands are all on himself or herself, he or she should educate the team on understanding that it is all a team effort and responsibility. The stress does not just lie with the boss, but falls on the entire team. Once the entire team takes on and accepts all of the responsibility, they will likely work harder for their boss, so long as their boss respects them as members of his or her team.


While we know Santa is a very busy man and has a lot going on right now, we certainly wish him a Merry Christmas and we are grateful to all of his employees who dedicate each and every year to making toys for all the boys and girls to enjoy. We know he and our own boss do not mean to come off as mean, but sometimes getting stressed or burnt out may lead to a person that we just cannot deal with at certain times. As a boss, it is okay to take a step back for a few minutes, evaluate the situation, and figure out what to do in rough and tough times, rather than taking on all the stress and demands yourself, or even blaming individuals or the entire team immediately for things that may be going wrong. Correct them and do it in a professional manner. Your team is a professional group of people who make mistakes, but letting them know early on will prevent further mistakes from occurring and put them on the right track.

This infographic from officevibe covers 7 Ways Santa Could Be A Better Boss. If Santa has room for improvement as a boss, so do you.

12 Things Which Successful People Do Before Breakfast [Infographic]

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7 Ways Santa Could Be A Better Boss

  1. Hire enough employees: the elves have been pulling all nighters and working weekends.
  2. Communicate: Santa forgets to tell his team about changes to the Naughty and Nice list.
  3. Stop playing favourites: Rudolph alawys gets the most attention and other reindeer feel less valued.
  4. Offer a nutritious space: The kitchen is filled with gingerbread, gumdrops, and hot cocoa all year round.
  5. Have frequent check-ins: There’s been no time to give feedback because meeting the deadline is the first priority.
  6. Respond to employee feedback: Santa’s mailbox is full with customer letters from around the world, so he hasn’t read any emails from his elves.
  7. Share the credit: Everyone always thanks Santa for their Christmas gifts, but never the elves who made them.


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