5 Signs Its Time To Start Your Resume Over From Scratch

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Is It Time To Redo Your Resume?

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It’s surprisingly common to see people submit their resumes for different job vacancies only to receive polite rejection letters or they are completely ignored. Some don’t get any response at all. If a job applicant is experiencing such a challenge, there is likelihood that he or she is making some serious mistakes when writing a resume. It is recommended that you present your professional information in a way that gives the employer the impression that you are the right candidate for the position. The words you use in your resume can motivate, excite or persuade the employer. Likewise, they can cause disgust and repulsion.

The following are 5 signs its time to start your resume over from scratch:

If the resume is too bulky

Resumes should not be too bulky. There is a general rule that resumes should be two pages with a few exemptions to some individuals. If you have a resume that goes on and on, there are chances that it will not capture the reader’s attention. Before writing a resume, it is important to understand the mindset of the reader. You need to understand that the person has a problem and he or she needs someone to come in and be the solution. If your resume is the size of a book it is likely to be ignored. It’s advisable to include only the relevant information based on your education background and work experience.

If the resume is hard on the eyes

Most job applicants usually write a resume that is too detailed and hard to read. The following are the common mistakes that applicants make when writing a resume:

· Use of long paragraphs

· Use of illegible fonts

It’s recommended that you don’t use small fonts to try and squeeze your resume. If you note any of these mistakes, you should take time to work on your resume. A resume should also have good formatting techniques. The job seeker should use bullets, headers, fonts and paragraphs the right way. You should put yourself in the mind of the reader. Further, the grammar should be correct. Don’t try to fill the page. Your words should be concise and to the point.

If it shows what you have done instead of how well you did it

The main goal of an employer is to choose the best candidates from a pool of applicants. Since there applicants may have the same academic qualifications that you have, you should ensure that your resume will make you stand out from the rest. This includes showing that you are the perfect candidate by being unique from the rest. You should take your time and create a unique, job specific and aesthetically pleasing resume. It should reflect your level of professionalism, attention to detail and work ethics. If your resume does not show you are the best from rest of the applicants, it’s time to go an extra mile and make a great resume, not just a good one.

If the resume sounds generic

If the resume has a lot of information in terms of academic qualification and experience but does not show the major area of focus, the employer is likely to ignore it. In such a case, the employer will be forced to guess which can lead to automatic disqualification. If your resume is not specific, it’s time to work on it. You should be sure that what you have included in your resume is relevant to the job you are applying. Your resume should match the job. If the job you want needs great customer service skills, make sure that your resume shows your experience and/or knowledge of customer relations and communication. Also you can use a curriculum vitae editing services if you need help.

If the resume is a guessing game

The job application should not leave the employer with guess work whether the resume is for the company or not. If you are sending a hard copy, you should include your full details before you send to the employer.

It is recommended that you work on your resume once you see the above signs to take your career to the next level.

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