5 Secrets Of Underpaid Wildly Successful Employees

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The Secrets Of Underpaid Employees Who Have Later Become Successful

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Life is a circle, and the difference between you and others is the way you choose to live it. But first, you have to listen to other people’s stories. You spend your first 23 years within the educational institutes that protect you from the outer world.  And just when you think you finally tamed that educational system, you get your final diploma which acts exactly like a one-way ticket to the adult life. What now?

This article will guide you through that first underpaid job that you will probably land after you finish your education. We paid attention to the seemingly overnight successes over the globe and narrowed them down to 5 secrets that you must be aware of in the world. With some patience and hard work, we might actually read about your great accomplishments someday. So carefully read through the following secrets.

Pay attention to yourself. Brainstorm your brain for innovative ideas.

This first secret will most likely burst your bubble: there are indeed overnight successes, but they last at least 8 years. You must embrace the fact that you will fail not once, but several times, and the most important skill, in this case, is the ability to adapt. Even though you have a strong feeling that the first idea you come up with is bound to be a success, you must have some alternative plans that go up to plan Z. Brainstorm what you want to do with your life, what domain you want to master over the years and then draw a strategy to reach your goal. Do not get attached too much to one idea. Wait until it takes a certain shape and has substantial proves that it can be a real breakthrough for you.


Don’t start your journey on mute. Talk to your family, friends and strangers about your plans.

The most exciting and scary thing about adulthood is that life is unpredictable. You can’t control your time as much as you’d like, but that’s a good thing because you never know what big thing awaits you around the corner. And here is how you can take advantage of this: talk to everyone about your ambitions.  That high school classmate you barely talked to in your teens can prove to be a suitable business partner for you, that friend of a friend might be your first interested client, etc. Make your plans known, listen to other plans, try to develop them and see if these plans are compatible with yours.

Life is a never ending story

Even though you left the educational institute for good, your life lessons have just begun. Learn as much as you can about domains that apply almost to any field: business strategies, sales, communication, team buildings, marketing. There are many educational online programs that can prepare you for the Test of Adult Basic Education for example, which will open new and exciting career opportunities for you.

Start small and don’t hurry your success

As we were telling you above, mistakes are an important part of your future successful life. Don’t leave your underpaid job just yet, but learn everything you can from it and experiment with your goal during your spare time. If you did not put some savings aside for tough times, leaving your job is definitely not an option. Here is a good piece of advice that worked for others: start acting as if you have already reached your goal. Thus, millions of useful questions will arise: How would you overcome a difficult situation? What are your main obstacles? What are the most useful skills for you?

Become an apprentice

You are just a fresh graduate, so you are still green, and you can’t possibly know it all. To overcome that overwhelming feeling of confusion when you finally get to actually put your ideas into practice, one of the best solutions is to find yourself a mentor. Do quick research on the most successful people in your dream field and find a way to make your favorite person notice you.

Engage with them through comments on their social media pages as a warm up and then contact them through email requesting a casual meeting over dinner. Or better yet, find that friend of a friend that knows your person and ask them to introduce you to them. Once you state your appreciation for their work and your true intentions (to learn from the best), you will quickly get to know the ropes of your dream job.

Even though there are thousands of successful stories, there is no correct recipe to base your life on. The best you can do is hold on to your enthusiasm and put it to good use: focus your good intentions on learning, discovering, experimenting, practicing. Listen to yourself and your role models and change the bad reviews into constructive feedback.

All in all, success is not an end goal, but a journey. Enjoy every bit of this journey and try to excel in everything you do!

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