4 Productivity Tips for Every Occupation

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The Power of the PDF

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Regardless of the exact type of profession you’re currently involved with, one of the essential aspects of every job is to find the most prolific way to handle your obligations. This can be summarized in one word, and that is productivity. Being productive can mean many different things depending on the specific task in hand, but for a lot of occupations that heavily rely on the use of computers and other digital devices, productivity can be viewed as something relatively similar. Most jobs require a lot of basic everyday operations that don’t necessarily engage our thoughts to any substantial extent, and these operations should be the primary focus of productivity, as they take a lot of time on a daily basis, and should be shortened as much as possible so we can have more time to deal with more important things.

One of the trickier aspects that regularly causes distress among businessmen are PDF files. Famed for their absolute viewability (they can be perfectly seen on every operating system and all devices), and the ability to be secured by passwords, they are a standard for sharing of valuable digital documents for almost thirty years. From the angle of the sender of the document, creating a PDF file out of another format (for instance Word, Excel, AutoCad etc) is very simple, and can be accomplished directly from these programs. But for the recipient who needs to make changes to the received file, dealing with this format is definitely far more taxing. Because of its read-only nature (once the original file is converted to PDF it becomes un-editable in any classical sense), and usually a lot of time is spent trying to figure out the best possible way of dealing with the PDFs, which is without any doubt severely unproductive.


We wanted to share with you a few distinguishing actions you can apply to a PDF that requires your attention, and by doing so shortening the overall time of dealing with this tricky format.

1.  Editing PDF files directly

If you don’t need to convert the PDF to a previous original format, you can edit it while it’s still in PDF form, this option can be useful if you want to add more information to the PDF you want to send to your client. So you don’t need to waste any time with the conversion process and you can add more text directly on a PDF.


2.  Converting multiple files at once

Sometimes you will receive several PDF files simultaneously, and if all of them were originally Word files for example, that basically means that they require the exact same type of conversion, so you can transform them back to Word at the same time using the batch option. Batch conversions are particularly beneficial if you have a large number of similar PDF files, so you don’t have to waste time converting every file individually.


3.   Customizing PDF tables

Recent studies suggest that majority of PDF files in business circulation are Excel files, and while converting PDF tables, you can precisely fine-tune the overall design of its rows and columns prior to the conversion. That comes in handy when your business report is a very complex Excel table saved in PDF and chances are that automatic conversion from PDF to Excel will give a bad result. By moving the rows and columns, or adding new ones you can make sure that the table trapped in a PDF will be converted to Excel properly.


4.   Merging PDFs

There are some occasions where you’ll receive one report, but in several parts, or numerous stand-alone files that are a part of a bigger connected whole. In this case it is much more convenient to connect all these document into one file (PDF merging), and this way making it much easier to navigate through them, without having to check all the time if you’re viewing a correct file or no.

All these specific situations where you can implement different operations to PDF files can only help you boost your productivity and be more efficient at work. Luckily, you can achieve all of the above-mentioned tasks by using one tool and that is PDF Converter Elite 5. With our 7 day trial version, you will have enough time to check these four productivity tips!