3 Reasons Why Millennials See Work Differently Than Other Generations

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The Millennial Generation And Work


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Millennials nowadays get heckled by older people in their offices by default.

  1. They are younger, which some older people can be envious and want their youth back.
  2. Some older generations find millennials spoiled and think they don’t know the true definition of hard work.
  3. Older generations think they are ‘know it all’s’ because they have Google at their fingertips.

First of all, those are NOT the three reasons why Millennials see work differently, but those are some of the assumptions from older generations about millennials. They simply grew up differently. Millennials took computer courses at young ages, so they are more tech savvy. Yes, they are lucky to have grown up with computers and knowledge at their fingertips, but they know how to utilize technology.

Some older generations may think millennials do not know how to do math in their heads without a calculator, nor figure out how to spell words correctly without spell check software and/or simply looking up on the web, and they do not know the true meaning of work ethic.

Some older generations may assume those things about millennials, but they certainly prove them wrong in the work environment. Some might work for Checkers for a short while possibly during high school or college to save money and pay bills, but they still have their goals in mind and know the importance of having backup funds/savings.

Millennials understand the importance of hard work and know that getting a job at Checkers, for instance, is great for their resume! The majority of companies nowadays look for retail or customer service experience, so the future associate understands business ethics and the customers point of view. In this day and age, it is crucial to find those candidates especially with enthusiasm, eagerness to learn, and engaging customer skills, which most millennials have.

1. Most millennials are naturally ambitious and driven to succeed

According to Bentley University, “Millennials report that being successful in a high-paying career or profession is either one of the most important things in their lives or very important.” Going back to technology, they grew up with complete access to information. Millennials know how to research on an endless amount of topics, including career choices.

If millennials have a question they can ask the internet anywhere and anytime. The internet is a reliable source to access numerous career articles to give them full a prospective on a future career move. If they want answers, nothing will stop them in finding the right answer that is best for them because they can read numerous articles expressing diverse perspectives. They are highly motivated to chase after their dreams and become entrepreneurs. More independent or contract jobs are available in this day and age, so working for companies such as Lyft, Instacart, or Task Rabbit appeal to the millennials that conduct those jobs on the side of their dreams.

2. Millennials are quickly inspired and know the importance of education

Millennials have more access to art, which fuels their self-expression. Apps such as Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest are sources of inspiration. Some older generations may act with more caution due to the fear they will make the wrong decision. Millennials will admit to their wrong decisions, learn from them, and then move on, which comes from their entrepreneurial, risk taker mindsets. Baby boomers were thought to be risk takers, but millennials are ahead of the game with wider mindsets.

Millennials were raised with the ‘I can be anything I want’ mentality. They sought out their dreams and were supported by their Gen X and Baby Boomer parents or guardians. Mindsets were evolving as millennials were growing up, so they believed they can truly become whoever they wanted to be. With the ever-growing access to music, media, and television, millennials were initially taught with hard work, dedication, and education they can be whatever they want to be.

3. Millennials understand that their work life must be fulfilling

Most millennials want to work for an organization that gives back to their community to fulfilled. According to the HuffPost, “Millennials are considered the most civic-minded generation since the cohort of Americans born in the 1930s and ‘40s, after a drop in activism among Generation Xers.”

Some people say people lead three different lives. One personal, social life, another work life, and a fantasy life. Millennials understand the meaning of balancing their multiple lives, so they lead a healthy mental life as well. Some baby boomers thought life was all work no play, so they can play later with their savings. Millennials understand that they must be happy in the workplace or they will not feel fulfilled. Happiness plays a huge role in the workplace in order to get the millennials job done.

As a result, millennials are defying older generations assumptions by their career success. The internet is the holy grail for career advice, job connections, and applying to thousands of jobs. Millennials use the tools that they were taught at a young age and ran with the knowledge they know and continue learning from all of the advanced technology.

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