Top 2016 Plagiarism Scandals [Infographic]

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Plagiarism Is Still Alive And Well


Work ethic combines your attitude to your daily tasks,feelings that you have about your job and the way how you perform your job.

Honesty always was on the top on the list of factors that have the most influence on work ethic. When you are honest at work, you don’t lie to your clients, customers or boss and you don’t steal company’s products, and so on. But there’s also a type of professional honesty.

It mostly applied to creative and education professions, such as writers, musicians, fashion designers or college professors.

What thing could destroy the professionalism of such people and hurt their work ethic? It’s obviously a plagiarism.

When we go to the bookstore and buy a book, we expect to read an original story. But what if the author copied it from another writer?

It’s really not professional, and it calls into question the qualification of such writer.

Have a look at infographic, created by folks from Unplag plagiarism checker. They selected the most popular plagiarism scandals that were widely discussed in the world media in 2016. People, who were caught at being not completely honest and whose professionalism was brought under suspicion, have different professions. Here we an see politicians, professors, editors, students, musicians, fashion designers and even presidents!

Many of them lost their jobs after these plagiarism scandals, some were seriously warned by their employers, and mostly all of them received a serious harm to their reputation.

So, if you want to build a successful career, choose the right way of coping with difficulties. Remember, if you want to excel at something, use your own skills and brain, and don’t steal someone’s words. Write your own story.

Top 2016 Plagiarism Scandals [Infographic]

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ABOUT Just take a look at these plagiarism scandals! Most of them involve famous public figures. Shame on them!

  1. Melania Trump: blamed for copying Michelle Obama’s speech.
    • Her speech caused a lot of stir, and as it turns out, the speech has a lot of similarities to Mrs. Obama, but some suggested dismissing her speechwriter.
    • Longest Match: 23 words
  2. India’s Ministry of Environment plagiarized US project.
    • Almost 90% of the Environmental Supplemental Project drafted by the Indian Ministry was taken word-for-word from a US document. However, India’s ministry denies the fact, claiming that only the idea was borrowed.
  3. A university professor blackmails students over plagiarism.
    • University of Canberra professor discovered six female students plagiarized their assignments, but instead of taking appropriate disciplinary action, threatened to reveal the truth unless there was an exchange of intimate relations, which he would eventually be sacked for misbehavior.
  4. 122 students paid big money to obtain fake degrees.
    • Indian police revealed that 122 paid about Rs 35,000 to illegally obtain degrees. The fake certificates looked almost identical to the originals issued in 20 universities across the country.
  5. Zara Fashion Brand found guilty of art theft.
    • Zara and its sub-brands Bershka, Pull and Bear, and Stradivarius are among giant fashion retailers that like copycatting. They are said to have plagiarized about 30 designers including Tuesday Bassen.
  6. Mexican President lifted 29% of his law thesis.
    • A 200-page law thesis on Mexican Presidentialism and Alvaro Obregon written by Enrique Pena Nieto, Mexico’s President, turned out to be made up of 29% plagiarized material, in which about 20 passages were copied from his predecessor’s book.
  7. Delta State University fired 8 educators for plagiarism.
    • 8 lecturers out of 30 were dismissed by Delta State University administration for committing plagiarism, despite being warned not to violate the honor code.
  8. Experienced Crossword Editor repeatedly plagiarized.
    • The analysis of a huge crossword database revealed that Timothy Parker, one of the most proficient puzzle makers working as an editor for Universal and USA Today, copied more than 75% of his crosswords.
  9. Originality of ‘Stairway to Heaven’ brought under suspicion.
    • Led Zeppelin’s song, Stairway to Heaven, appeared to have too much in common with the opening part of Taurus, a song created by the American group Spirit. If Zeppelin is found guilty, this will be the biggest rip-off ever. Revenue Exceeded $560 million
  10. Nigerian President’s Speech ripped off from Obama.
    • Nigeria’s President, Muhammadu Buhari, admitted that his winning speech was extensively copied from Barack Obama’s speech in 2008. He promised to take disciplinary action against the staff responsible for the offense.
  11. Famous Indian Crime-Drama faced plagiarism charges.
    • Udta Punjab, an Indian crime-drama released in 2016, was hit by a plagiarism scandal. News shocked its film producers and screenwriter. Udta Punjab was said to have stunning similarities in a plot and characters with High Society by Ben Elton.







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