12 Things Successful People Do Before Breakfast [Infographic]

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What To Do Before Breakfast To Be Successful

Before Breakfast Meditate Clear Minds

If many of us were honest with ourselves, we would agree that we probably don’t make the most of our time in a morning.

In fact, a recent study reported on sleepreviewmag.com made clear how much time we waste by simply hitting the snooze button. The research showed that in the US alone, people spend roughly two days every year between snooze alarms. Provided we can actually get out of bed a little earlier each morning, there’s actually a lot we can achieve before setting off to work. Let’s start with the most obvious thing, breakfast. Often referred to as the most important meal of the day, it seems that an increasing number of us are skipping it every day.

The Huffington Post reported that a staggering 31 million Americans choose to miss breakfast every day. This is actually counter-productive. Breakfast can provide us with the necessary slow burning energy to keep us active until the afternoon. In fact, there’s lots of things which we can do in a morning before getting to work which can really impact how our working day pans out.

Take a look at the infographic below from sleepypeople.com titled 12 Things Which Successful People Do Before Breakfast. This infographic offers up lots of useful tips from some of the most successful people on the planet, including Mark Zuckerberg and Barack Obama. Take a look for yourself below.

12 Things Which Successful People Do Before Breakfast [Infographic]

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How much do you manage to get done in the morning sbefore you have your breakfast? Are you able to squeeze in a workout? Do you even make time for breakfast?

Utilising the first couple of hours after we wake up is a habit that many highly successful people have in common. If it’s working for htem, it is something the rest of us should give a go? Here are 13 things that successful people get done every morning.

Wake up early

Who? Martha Stewart, businesswoman and writer

Waking up early gives us a chance to get things done that may be difficult to fit in later in the day, as there are fewer distractions.

Get out of bed

Who? Tim Armstrong, CEO of AOL

Hitting snooze only delays the inevitable and wastes time. Get out of bed straight away and start being productive instead, as the short amounts of sleep between snoozes aren’t restorative.

Set intentions for the day straight away

Who? Arianna Huffington, Co-Founder of Huffington Post

Waking up early gives us a chance to get things done that may be difficult to fit in later in the day, as there are fewer distractions.


Who? Howard Shoultz, CEO of Starbucks

Exercising in the morning will give you more energy throughout the day, and also helps you deal with stress.

Check the news

Who? Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook

Knowing what is going on in the world is a huge advantage for businesses and entrepreneurs, and not being up to date can mean missed opportunities.

Read their emails

Who? Tim Cook, CEO of Apple

Checking emails first thing in the morning can help us get on top of things, and allows us to deal with any important ones while we still feel mentally alert.

Make the beds

Who? Cameron Diaz, actress

This quick and easy habit can start a chain reaction of productivity, and having a tidy bedroom also creates feelings of better well-being.

Spend time with family

Who? Barack Obama, 44th U.S. President

The mornings are an ideal time to spend with family and spouses, before the stresses of the day put us in a bad mood or we run out of time.

Drink water

Who? Naomi Campbell, model & actress

Hydration is essential for productivity and brain activity, and having gone without drinking for several hours while we sleep, having plenty of water first thing helps you feel less sluggish.


Who? Jennifer Aniston, actress

Clearing our minds for the day ahead is important for staying mindful, and combating stress.

Organise the day’s schedule

Who? Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group

Planning for the day while you’re still feeling fresh is a great way to make sure that nothing gets forgotten later on and will make you feel in control.

Write down what they’re grateful for

Who? Tim Ferriss, author and entrepreneur

Focusing on the things we are grateful for will really help to give you a positive outlook and attitude to the day ahead.

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