11 Ways To Stay Productive On A Business Trip [Infographic]

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Remaining Productive On Business Trips

Productive Business Trip

Over the years, travel has become increasingly important to the progression and development of business in a variety of sectors. Whether you need to travel to another continent or just the next country, the idea of businesses being truly local has all but gone. The rise of business travel is perfectly presented in these stats on Credit Donkey. One of the most standout figures is that in the US alone, there are over 488 million business trips taken.

Unfortunately, there are a few downsides to business travel, one of which being that it becomes slightly trickier to get your usual day-to-day work done. Being away from the office means you have to work on the move. This which makes just about everything slightly harder. Whether it’s getting in touch with colleagues, finding good free wifi or working from mobile devices, it begins to feel like it is trickier to stay as productive as you might normally be.

However, now you can pick up some great tips in this new infographic from

It’s called ‘11 Ways To Stay Productive On A Business Trip’ and it covers a great range of things from pre-travel planning to ensuring you have all the vital travel tech.

Make the most out of your next business trip by taking a look at the infographic for yourself below.

11 Ways To Stay Productive On A Business Trip [Infographic]

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11 Ways to Stay Productive On A Business Trip

While business trips are a necessity in some jobs, and can be great for attending valuable conferences and making new connections, there’s no getting around the fact that it’s time spent out of the office.

Not only do they disrupt your normal working routine, but also things such as your sleep pattern and diet, all of which gets you out of the work mindse.t

However, we’re going to take a look at some steps you can take to help you stay focused while you’re on the go.


Scope Out Your Destination

Make sure to do some research about the place that you’re going to be visiting. Find out things such as where the nearest shops are, how far from your conference or meeting you are, and what the public transportation is like.

This will save you a lot of time upon your arrival, allowing you to get down to work!

Make Sure You’re Equipped

Not only do you need to make sure to take everything you’re going to need to be able to work such as your laptop and any other notes or materials, but you’ll also need to make sure that Wi-Fi is easily accessible.

While this is the standard at most hotels nowadays, it definitely pays to double check, as you don’t want to be caught out.

Brief Your Colleagues

It’s important to have a chat with your colleagues back at the office before you leave so that you know where everything’s at and you’re on top of any deadlines.

Make sure everyone knows when you’ll be contactable by phone or email and set up an out of office email reply pointing to someone people should contact in your absence.

Plan Meticulously

As always, planning is the key to success. Make sure to plan out exactly what your’e going to need, whether it be a spare suit, office supplies, your laptop charger, or maybe even your favourite pillow from home. Basically, whatever it takes to make your hotel feel that bit more like your home or working environment.

Make the Most of Travel Time

Take advantage of your time spent travelling and set a list of tasks to complete on the journey.

Often when you arrive at your hotel you’ll be too tired to work, so get some of it out of the way early!

Explore Your Surroundings

Taking some time off to explore the city that you’re visiting isn’t just a good way to unwind, it can actually be really inspiring, and seeing new things can really open up your mind and get those creative juices flowing.

Create a Schedule

Drawing up a schedule including meal times, work time, exercise, social, and sleep time is a good idea if you prefer to keep things organized and regimented.

Make sure to not get consumed by work and set aside ample time to eat and sleep as this well ensure you’re energised and ready to work.

Stay in the Centre of the City

If you get to choose your own hotel, try to pick somewhere central. This will put you right i the heart of the action, meaning you don’t have to travel far to shops or restaurants, and will help to keep your mind and body engaged.

Choose a Suitable Hotel

With that being said, you don’t want distractions while you try to work or sleep, so choose a hotel where you’re not likely to be disturbed by a party in the next room, and perhaps seek out a place tailored specifically to business travellers.

Go a Day Early

While you might think it’s better to spend as much time in the office as possible, heading to your destination a day earlier will help you to settle in, and go into your meetings feeling more energised. You could maybe even stay a day later to review your notes or follow up with new contacts.

Find What Focus You

Ultimately, there’s no one golden rule to help you be more productive on your business trips, and it’s up to you to find what works for you and stick to it.

For example, if you’re in the routine of having regular cups of coffee while working at home, pop out and get some for your hotel room, or if you need regular breaks, go out and explore the city.


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