10 Year Anniversary – iPhone in Numbers [Infographic]

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Apple iPhone Anniversary

iPhone 8 Concept Embedded Fingerprint Reader

The first steps

Always prepared to lead the game, Apple was fast to recognize not only the challenges at that time but was also able to anticipate the upcoming challenges and respond to them before they could even manifest.

With its release of iPhone 3GS on June 19 2009, the company registered its presence in 3G market.

The new handset was pumped with literally double the speed of the previous version. The company went a step ahead and kept its prices unbelievably low- lower than even the less efficient previous version. It allowed the company to acquire a huge client base of 3G market. There were 3 economically priced models available: 8 GB ($99), 16 GB ($199) and 32 GB ($299).

The baby grows

The company kept on evolving with iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5 C and S, iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6 S and latest model iPhone 7 and 7S. Never before had the luxury tech market had experienced such a blend of simplicity, looks, performance and fair pricing.

So, Apple was able to appeal diversified client base thus boldly gripping a wider section of market >>

App Market

In July 2008 the apple launched App store that allowed and facilitated 3rd party app development/distribution to the platform. The users could directly purchase and download the apps on the device. That further added to the appeal of Apple iPhone.

A good number of apps are free while majority of the paid ones are economically prices.

Latest iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

The latest iPhone 7 and 7 Plus is 60% faster than 6/6s Plus.

Its quad core is pumped with 40% faster speed while at the same time reducing the power consumption while it consumes less power.

Wider spectrum of colours and more advanced photography options had further added eh appeal of iPhone 7.

IPhone 8! (Possibly!)

The rumours are that on its 10th anniversary the company will introduce iPhone 8!

It will have a plethora of features like front and back glass design, Oled display and fingerprint sensor.

The figures tell it all

According to Gartner’s global 100 IT vendors list of 2016 the Apple stands at the first position in terms of its revenue with a whopping figure of $218 billion.

Just In

According to Gartner global 100 IT vendors list 2016, Apple won the prime most position- No. 1- among its peers and competitors.

The list was prepared on the basis of revenue earned by each company through their IT and associated component market segments (Excluding communication services)

Apple’s IT revenue totalled $ 218 billion+, that is $79 billion more than its nearest peer in the list Samsung ($139 Billion).

The IT revenue earned by Apple is more than double as compared to internet Giant Google ($90 billions)

10 Year Anniversary - iPhone in Numbers [Infographic]

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iPhone In Numbers 10th Year Anniversary

As the Aple iPhone is all set to celebrate its 1st decade – the milestone year – it is the ideal time to look back at the major happenings in the Apple arena through all these years. The life at Apple can be great, stressful, competitive, and even controversial… but it can never be dull. Right from registering whopping sales of 270,000 pieces within just 30 hours of the initial release to experiencing the very first dip in sales in 2016, the Apple iPhone is something that the world just cannot live without! Let’s know more about this Young At Heart Company.

The first three countries where iPhone was release during initial stage:

  • USA: 29th June 2007
  • UK: 9th November 2007
  • France: 29th November 2007


The standard time in all iPhone Ads is 9.41 – the time when Steve Jobs officially unveiled the first unit.



iPhone was not the first choice as the name. It was initially started out as the project Purple. The proposed names were mobi, telepod, ipad (yes!), and tripod!


Ire-Phone: Use of the name iPhone attracted ire of Cisco System as the name iPhone was originally registered as a trademark by Linksys, an acquisition of Cisco.


iPhone 16gb launched on 5th Feb. 2008 to offer expansive space for saving heavy music and movie files

On 8th June 2009 iPhone announces 2 new entrants’ iPhone 3GS 16 and 32 GB models

iPhone 3G was launched across 22 countries

On July 11, 2008, it offered 2 different capacities 8 GB and 16 GB higher capacity iPhone

3GS 16GB No contract was priced at $599 and iPhone 32 GB was priced at $699. Fine print could vary though.

Jumping to the next level iPhone announced iPhone 4 on 7th June 2010

It offered 3 different capacities – 8 GB, 16 GB, and 32 GB


9th June 2008 Apple all set to challenge the supremacy of the top 3G leaders Nokia N95 and the Palm Treo 750 by introducing iPhone 3G

11th July 2008 Apple widened its iPhone 3G reach across 22 countries – with enhanced network connectivity, GPS, and APp Store becoming the strong contender for leader position



14th July 2008: Apple exceeded the customers’ expectation by pumping in 800 Apps in their App store since its launch earlier in the week. On this date, Apple registered a roaring success with 10,000,000+ app downloads

28th September 2009: According to the announcement by iPhone the total number of app downloads escalated to 2,000,000,000+


24th June 2010: iPhone 4 hits the shelves

11th January 2011: iPhone 4 announced for Verizon Wireless

8th March 2008: The first beta of tools was launched that were required for making apps for iPhones. It was christened iPhone OS.

$ In may 2011 Apple adds 500,000th app to its inventory. It offers as much as 37% apps absolutely free and the paid ones also stand out at an average price of $3.64

To win the hearts of app producers Apple offers 70% of the revenue to the app producers while keeping only 30% with them

Apple made a surprise sale of 270,000 phones within the first 30 hours

iOS is run on other devices too including iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch, and Apple TV


iPhone 4S 4 Oct 2011 Material Cost: $188 Manufacture Cost: $8 Retail Price: $649 Mark-up: 231%

iPhone 5 5th Sep 2012 Material Cost: $199 Manufacture Cost: $8 Retail Price: $649 Mark-up: 214%

iPhone 5S 20 Sep 2013 Material Cost: $190.70 Manufacture Cost: $8 Retail Price: $649 Mark-up: 227%

iPhone 5C 20 Sep 2013 Material Cost: $166 Manufacture Cost: $7 Retail Price: $549 Mark-up: 217%

iPhone 6+ 19 Sep 2014 Material Cost: $211.10 Manufacture Cost: $4.50 Retail Price: $749 Mark-up: 247%

iPhone 6 19 Sep 2014 Material Cost: $196.10 Manufacture Cost: $4 Retail Price: $649 Mark-up: 224%

iPhone 6S+ 25 Sep 2016 Material Cost: $231.50 Manufacture Cost: $4.50 Retail Price: $749 Mark-up: 217%

iPhone SE 31 Mar 2016 Material Cost: $156.20 Manufacture Cost: $3.80 Retail Price: $399

iPhone 7 16 Sep 2016 iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were released on March 21, 2017. The exterior of iPhone 7 remains largely the same as its previous counterpart and the chances are that you won’t spot a minor difference from a distance.


  • To commemorate its 10th anniversary iPhone is believed to take a leap ahead and graduate to the next level – iPhone 8
  • The looks will also be revolutionized with the reintroduction of front-and-back Glass design (remember iPhone 4) and edge to edge display
  • In its milestone year the Apple has also patented innovative technology for an in-display fingerprint sensor
  • Taking innovation to the next level Apple is believed to add wireless charging to its new arrival
  • Saying Goodbye to LED, the phones will now come with OLeD display
  • September is the expected month of release of new model
  • iPhone 8 will be fitted with 3D camera for an escalated experience
  • A11 Processor is believed to combine triple qualities faster smaller and more energy efficient





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