10 Interesting Tape Types & Their Uses

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Ten Types of Tape To Use

Moving a home or an office is an arduous job for sure. And packing is the most frightening part in the whole procedure. But if you have the right kinds of packing materials with you, the job will not be as difficult as it seems to be.

Among the different packing materials, packaging tapes are quite important. They help in sealing the boxes and packages safely and securely. It is interesting to see that wide varieties of packaging tapes are available in the market. Choose the ones that seem to be most suitable for the job.

Enlisted below are some of the best tape types available along with their uses:

  1. Clear packing tape

Clear Packing Tape

The standard clear packing tape comes in dimension 48mm x 66m. These are usually polyprop tapes and are suitable for uses in light business purposes. However, if your requirement is for stronger tapes, you can check out vinyl packaging tapes for the same as they have extra strength and adhesion power.


  1. White tape

White Tape

This kind of tape is in use mainly in businesses where large amounts of packages need to go out. These tapes ensure that the packages remain closed and secured on transit. The tape is made from vinyl and therefore quite strong than normal packaging tapes. They come in 2 measurements – one comes in 48mm x 66M variety and the other comes in 50mm x 66M variety.


  1. Crossweave reinforced tape

Crossweave Reinforced Tape

This is one of the best and high quality reinforced tapes available in the market. These tapes have the quality of holding on for a long time. They are also safe from bursting or tearing easily.


  1. Colored tapes

Colored Tape

Suppose you have identical packaging boxes containing different materials. If you want to mark each box separately, using colored tapes will help in easy identification. Some of the most common colors available include red, blue, green and yellow.


  1. Brown parcel tape

Brown Parcel Tape

Whether the parcel is in a cardboard box or in an envelope, you must have seen brown parcel tape being used in fastening the same. These tapes are very strong with high adhesion quality. They are extensively used in industries for packaging goods for transportation.


  1. Masking tapes

Masking Tape

There are many times when you need to conceal a flaw. Masking tapes are highly beneficial in such situations. Decorators use these tapes extensively for covering up corners and for protecting items from damage. The best thing about these tapes is that they do not leave any sticky impression on the surface after removing. They are also highly convenient to use.


  1. Fragile tape

Fragile Tape

These are printed tapes with ‘Fragile’ written on them. It is quite evident from the name that these tapes are used for fastening boxes or packages containing delicate and fragile items. Packing your fragile items with these tapes attract the attention of logistics and courier companies so that they handle the items with care.


  1. Silver duct/gaffa/cloth tape

Silver Duct Gaffa Cloth Tape

It is a kind of sticky tape with great strength. These tapes are mainly used for taping wires and similar items. These tapes are the strongest ones in the market.


  1. Bonus extra length tapes

Bonus Tape

The greatest advantage of these tapes is their length. When you have to pack many items at a time, these tapes are very useful as there is no need for changing the tape frequently thus increasing the speed of packing.


  1. Double sided tape

Double Sided

When adhesion is required at both sides, using double sided tapes help greatly. These tapes are strong and durable and easy to use.

Just ensure that you buy the products from the best packaging tape suppliers for getting high quality products at the best rates.

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