10 Most Beautiful Shoes For Women [Infographic]

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Shoe Designs for Women

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Shoes are considered most obsessed thing by any woman along with dresses, beauty items and jewellery. Every fashionable woman has a collection of shoes. One thing you should consider that your shoes should match with the dress you wear at home, office or any occasion.

The list of 10 most beautiful shoes for women is:

1. Black pumps

Black pumps are wearable with any kind of dress. These shoes will never go out of style.

2. Ballet flats

When you found that your feet doesn’t feel comfortable all the time with other shoes, you are suggested to wear ballet flats. The black ballet pumps look most beautiful.

3. Platform wedges

Platform wedges are considerable height as well as stylish. These are available in many colors and designs.

4. Flat sandals

Flat sandals are made to wear especially at the summer time because they are easily foldable.

5. Sandals with ankle straps

Sandals with the ankle strap offer a stylish look. These shoes are used with any kind of outfit.

6. Tall flat boots

Tall flat boots come in different shades such as black, beige, brown, dark tan etc. They are perfect for winters.

7. Short stacked heels

Short stacked heels were in fashion in 90s but nowadays, they are liked & preferred by women due to comfortability of feet.

8. Sneakers

Sneakers can be wear at short distance travel or weekend fun. These shoes match with any kind of dress.

9. Metallic heels

To look attractive at a party with your short dress, wear metallic heels. Wear them anytime with a smart dress.

10. Ankle boots

Ankle boots offer you stunning look when wear them with three-quarter denims or jeans.

10 Most Beautiful Shoes For Women [Infographic]

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A shoe is another thing that is most obsessed by womena long with their pretty dresses and diamonds. When you check the wardrobe of any fashionable woman, you find a collection of stylish shoes. The dress is incomplete without a proper matching pair of shoes.

  1. Black Pumps: Pumps are perfect with any kind of dress whether in leather or in suede material. Flaunt elegance and sophistication.
  2. Ballet Flats: Your feet need rest sometimes so for this purpose, you require ballet flats. These are easily foldable so you can pack them in a small bag and carry anywhere. Available in myriad colors but look best in black.
  3. Platform Wedges: considerable height and stylish at the same time. Available in different colors.
  4. Flat Sandals: foldable in nature so they are wearable for the summer. Styles are varied and look chic and fancy. Collect these shoes to add to your gorgeous looks.
  5. Sandals with Ankle Straps: Bring fashionable effect to the legs. The straps seem to be barely there making the shoe stylish. Wear the shoe with any outfit. Your legs seem lengthened with these shoes.
  6. Tall Flat Boots: Never go out of style and fashion. Available in various shades from black, brown, beige, dark tan, etc. Great for winter and fall. Complete your look to wear these flat boots with jeans.
  7. Short Stacked Heels: Popular in 90s but making a comeback in the fashion world. Heels are not high and are pretty comfortable with proper grip to feet.
  8. Sneakers: Mandatory. Whether for weekend fun or short distance travel, sneakers are preferable. Wear it with any kind of attire and it goes comfortably with a dress.
  9. Metallic Heels: Wear shimmery metallic heels with your pretty short dress to shine at a party. These shoes can also be worn during daytime when teamed with a smart dress.
  10. Ankle Boots: Are you looking to add some confidence to your appeal? The sleek ankle boots can do magic for sure. Team up these shoes with three-quarter denims, jeans, or even dresses to observe how different they make you look.

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