Handmade Bag Design

The Process Of Manufacturing A Handmade Bag

The phrase “handmade bag” has been used in all possible contexts, but do you actually know how handmade bags are made? How is the manufacturing process different for handmade bags and machine-made goods? Let’s take a look at the basics of creating a handbag.… Read More →
Shaving Mirror BW

History of Shaving [Infographic]

Human History of Shaving

When it comes to shaving, there are many people who don't mind, while others would prefer to grow it out and enjoy their facial hair, and hair in other places. Humans are the only creatures on Earth that worry about their appearance and utilize objects to trim or shave hair off of their bodies.… Read More →
Birthday Party in Office

Birthday Parties At Work

Happy Birthday To You Co-Worker

Birthdays. It seems to all go down hill after a certain age. Rather than celebrating your day of birth, it is the recognition that you are another year older, or another year that you have survived another day.… Read More →
Money Cash

5 Tips To Make Sure You’re Paid For Overtime

If you are an hourly employee, overtime is an important part of your income. Your employer is legally obligated to provide you with overtime pay if you meet the requirements. The Fair Labor Standards Act requires overtime to be paid at a rate of one and one-half times an employee’s regular rate of pay after 40 hours of work in a workweek.… Read More →
Paying Taxes

Why Americans Need Tax Professionals [Infographic]

If there’s one thing that people hate, its filing their taxes. It’s a tedious task that requires the utmost precision and attention to detail. Ain't nobody got time for that. And if there is one thing people do not understand, it’s our country’s complicated and convoluted tax code.… Read More →
SEO Digital Marketing Agency

State of SEO Agencies 2014 [Infographic]

SEO: Valuable Insights Into A Changing Online Marketing Environment

Over the last years SEO has evolved from an independent discipline to part of a symbiotic online marketing approach. Content marketing and online PR have conquered the land of search engine optimization and have caused quite some trouble in the SEO services industry.… Read More →
Woman Shaving Bathtub

The Cost of Shaving for Women [Infographic]

No Shave November For Women

In a previous article I wrote, I discussed Why Men Shave in accordance with No Shave November. There is no reason why the rule cannot apply to women and shaving. If you are a woman and daring enough to do it, take the month off.… Read More →
Dell Computer Keyboard

Today I Cleaned My Keyboard

A Dirty Keyboard Filled With Everything

When I arrived at my office job on the first day, almost everything seemed new. The job supplied me with a 20 inch monitor, a laptop docking station, great speakers, and good bass headphones, and even a mouse and keyboard.… Read More →
Staying Warm Inside

Science of Staying Warm [Infographic]

Winter is Coming, Stay Warm

For the majority of human beings on this planet, the warmth of the sun is the number one reason for living and why we go outside. It is also the reason why life is much more enjoyable, specifically in warmer climates.… Read More →
Internal Communications Thumb

The Future of Internal Communications [Infographic]

Internal Communications for Business

Internal communications (IC) radically improves, controls and measures the way employers communicate with employees and stakeholders, helping to drive positive employee behaviour and increase engagement with influencers. The future of this industry is very bright as organizations are increasingly recognising its importance.… Read More →