Happy Halloween!

Nightmare Promo

Horror Movies in the 80s

The Comedy of Horror in the 1980s

So what are you watching? I watch mostly comedies, but occasionally I’ll watch something that reminds me of my 80's childhood: B horror movies. Fucking love ‘em. Nothing scares me less than a B horror movie.… Read More →
Happy Halloween Irish

Happy Halloween! Oiche Shamhna in Ireland [Infographic]

My name is Michelle Mangan and I work on the digital marketing for Killarney Hotels. I have put together this infographic which I have attached, called Happy Halloween! Oiche Shamhna in Ireland 2014. It is a round-up of what is on offer this Halloween from the top kid's costumes to choose from, the festivals and events around the country, what is showing in the cinema and of course the safety side of Halloween night.… Read More →
Haunted House

World of Haunted Houses [Infographic]

A good friend of mine from my teenage years who I had lost contact with for many years got in touch with me a few years ago, checking to see if I was still alive, and we had ended up having a nice conversation.… Read More →
Halloween Costumes

History of Halloween Costumes [Infographic]

Halloween, also known as All Hallow's Eve, is a tradition that occurs in nearly every country around the world. Up until about a century ago, it was celebrated by just a few countries, specifically with pagan backgrounds. It is often celebrated with candy, treats, tricks, and costumes.… Read More →
Happy Halloween Face

Halloween Costume Ideas From Famous Writers [Infographic]

Get yourself ready for yet another epic Halloween holiday! Now is probably the right time to start looking for ideas of the right kind of outfit to intrigue people with. More often than not, we tend to be attracted to scary figures in some movies of some of the renowned names.… Read More →
World's Best Boss

How To Be The Best Boss [Infographic]

Most of us still remember our good bosses, but none of us will ever forget our bad ones. This infographic looks at just what it is that makes a good boss and reveals exactly what effects a bad boss can have.… Read More →
Corporate America Jobs

Every Job in America [Infographic]

There are millions of jobs that are created, exist, and some are jobs are replaced by machines or eliminated altogether, as they are no longer needed, while some have not even been created yet, but there are certain jobs that are and will always be needed, are always in demand, and will always require service workers to fulfill these jobs.… Read More →
Color Emotion Marketing

The Power of Color and Emotion [Infographic]

Color and Emotion for Effective Marketing and Branding

There are billions of dollars that go into advertising each year. Every major company has a whole team of consumer psychologists to research the behavior and purchasing habits of consumers in order to maximize profits.… Read More →
Bank Robbery Figure

Criminal Minds [Infographic]

For criminals, there are no crimes perhaps more enticing than bank robbery. The fame, notoriety, and financial rewards of robbing a bank are enough to entice hackers, gunmen and even politicians into attempting to rob a bank. Some of these bank robbers were successful in their attempts, and have never been found.… Read More →
Face to Face Meeting

Why Face-to-Face Will Always Matter [Infographic]

Are those virtual meetings really hitting the spot? Are FaceTime and Facebook adequate substitutes for face-to-face? Are we truly connecting through LinkedIn? It has certainly never been easier for businesses to maintain relationships, but do conference calls, emails and social networking somehow miss the qualities that actual presence can bring to the meeting table?… Read More →