Office Workers Corporate Culture

Change Your Company Culture With Employee Perks

No one wants to work in a sea of cubicles where you can hear a pin drop. If your corporate culture feels stiff or contrived and you're in a position to change it, consider offering unique job perks to help foster team spirit and make employees feel connected to the workplace and each other.… Read More →
Wine Investment Wine Glasses

Secrets of Wine Investment for Making Good Money

Investors know the importance of diversifying their portfolio, and buying fine wines is a way to expand that diversification beyond the traditional world of stocks and bonds. Fine wines are usually profitable over the long term, and can yield some remarkable returns.… Read More →
Vacation Couple No Technology

The Pros Of A Tech-Free Vacation [Infographic]

You bought that Italo Calvino book and still haven't finished reading Nicollo Machiavelli's The Prince and your new Bisaya Short Films subscriptions are still left unwatched. How can you consume them and enjoy each cold, bleak pleasure these products can afford you to feel when you soak so much of your spare time reading the Facebook posts of people you don't know?… Read More →
Cleaning Desk

How Clean is Your Work Space? [Infographic]

If you are sitting at your desk reading this, you may want to brace yourself. Did you know that the average workplace desk can be 400 times dirtier than the average toilet seat? Eight in ten people in the UK work in offices, and very few are aware of how dirty their work space can be.… Read More →
Mona Lisa Heist

Steals of the Century [Infographic]

History's Priceless Stolen Items

Some of the greatest heists of all time have taken place in the past decade of history. As security measures become more heightened, thieves and criminal gangs get even bolder. Some of the most confounding and high profile items ever to be stolen include a world famous Renaissance painting, millions of diamonds, a huge archaeological artefact of colossal proportions, a famous war General’s lock of hair and the blood of a Pope.… Read More →
Leadership Worldwide

Leadership Styles Around the World [Infographic]

Leadership Characteristics Across the Globe

Leadership is an ever-changing concept, and the way in which people practice leadership style varies greatly from culture to culture. From autocratic management to egalitarian practice, from the traditional Asian ‘ringi-sho consensus’ to the Scandinavian ‘Primus Inter Pares’ this infographic explores the overriding philosophies that dictate leadership styles across the globe.… Read More →
US Dollar

Minimum Wage Map [Interactive Infographic]

Minimum Wage vs. Average Annual Income By Profession In The United States

As with most economically-driven arguments, the debate on an appropriate minimum wage has contrasting viewpoints at each end of the spectrum. Taking the employee’s perspective, cost of living is the most glaring factor, and housing cost is the bulk of that spend.… Read More →
Education USA

8 Habits You Will Develop While Studying Abroad in the US

Deciding to go abroad in the United States was one of the best decisions in my life. I decided to study a two-year full-time International MBA program at the University of South Carolina - Moore School of Business. The willingness to add credentials to my CV, experience the global learning, and find job opportunities across the globe dragged me to an MBA program in the US.… Read More →
Student Loan Debt Piggy Bank

The Future of Student Loan Debt in America [Infographic]

In today's age of borrowing, one of the most popular topics regarding investment is the college education. Many young people are banking on education and in turn, borrowing against their future in order to finish college and take necessary steps toward soluble finances.… Read More →
Robin Williams

The Death of Robin Williams

Every life is sacred and there are some celebrities that we may or may not like. Celebrities may die and the majority of us would not give it a second thought, other than the glances we see in the newspaper, on the television, or from social media.… Read More →