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Healthy Cooking Saute

Cook a Healthy Meal Everyday [Challenge]

Challenge of the Week: Cook Healthy Meals

Cooking is a process that takes time and preparation, from figuring out what to eat, running out and buying all the ingredients, preparing the kitchen, preheating the oven or turning on the stove,….

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Nutritionist Diet

Benefits Of Hiring A Nutritionist Even When You Are Healthy

Benefits of a Nutritionist

What you eat gets reflected on your face. The healthier food you eat, the clearer skin tone and healthier look you will carry. Being healthy requires a little control and calculations from your side. You need to….

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New Media Europe Conference 2015

Neomam Studios wishes to inform everyone about New Media Europe 2015 which will take place on September 12 and 13 in Manchester, UK for its second….

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Out of Focus Clock

Health Hazards of Shift Work [Infographic]

Health Hazards of Shift Workers in the United States

A study published in Occupational and Environmental Medicine claims that working irregular – or longer than normal – shift hours has the cognitive impact of a brain having aged an extra….

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Figure 2 - Increasing Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR)

Five Methods to Increasing Your Revenue per Available Room

Michels & Taylor’s Five Methods to Increasing Your Revenue per Available Room (RevPAR)

A common problem often facing hoteliers is how to increase revenue per available room. Jesper Johansen, Revenue Director Michel’s & Taylor Managed Hotel division, has provided his tried….

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Overpaid Underpaid Salary

Insights into Real-Time Salary [Interactive Infographic]

Real-Time Look at Salary Diversity and the American Wage Gap

Retale interactive infographic “Salaries in Real-Time” puts popular professions—the doctors, lawyers, teachers, nurses, truck drivers, firefighters, construction workers, web developers, and even your profession—alongside top….

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Facebook Welcome Page

Facebook Lack of Privacy

Facebook: Privacy Concerns

Research from the University of Vienna, which was attended by over 600 people, found that the amount of Facebook users that leave the social network due to concerns about the lack of….

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College Classroom

The Horror

I am a thirty-something who recently went back to college to finish my degree. Imagine my dismay when I walked in to that first classroom, and realized all the desks are made for jr. high students. You know the type;….

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Personal Trainer

Why Hire A Personal Trainer

Why You Should Hire A Personal Trainer

Now-a-days people are becoming more and more health conscious and wants to become physically fit, so they look out for a fitness trainer who can help them stay fit and healthy. A personal….

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Motivational Speedometer

7 Ways To Stay Motivated [Infographic]

Staying Motivated For Productivity

Motivation – Sometimes we have it whilst other times we desperately search high and low for it. So, what can we do in our time of need to find that motivational spark we could really do….

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