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Living Fully

Five Tips for Living Fully After Addiction Treatment

Life After Addiction Treatment

Image via Pixabay by stux Leaving addiction treatment and rejoining the rest of the world is no small feat. While it would be nice to have an official guide on exactly how….

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Employment Discrimination

Employment Discrimination Against Your Name For Jobs

A Hidden Truth About Employment Discrimination

Employment discrimination is a harsh reality that many people face everyday in the world. While there are laws in place to protect and prevent employment discrimination from happening, it still continues to happen and….

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Stop Workplace Violence

Workplace Violence: Are You Safe?

Preventing Violence in the Workplace

Life is the most precious gift anyone can receive and to be alive to experience life is something that millions of people never get the chance to do. Many people alive take life for granted, not….

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Unacceptable sexual harassment in the workplace

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace [Infographic]

Sexual Harassment At Work

Sexual harassment is the unwanted remarks, comments, sexual advances, or anything involving sexual innuendo towards the same sex or opposite sex, which can occur in the workplace. Sexual harassment in the workplace is more common than most….

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blueprint for construction work with helmet and tools

Career in Construction [Infographic]

Kick-starting Your Career In Construction

Construction is one of the booming industries in the UK. Reports from CITB predict that over 230,000 jobs will be created in the construction industry over the course of five years. Apprentices in the construction….

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Spring Cleaning Spray

The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist [Infographic]

Time For Spring Cleaning Checklist

What is spring cleaning exactly? It is a decluttering regime, usually carried out at the beginning of spring. It’s a thought to be originated from the Persian new year. Why do it? There are numerous….

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Webcam Show

Cam Models. Why Waste The Time! From Both Outlook Perspectives.

Stop Wasting Your Time Watching Cam Models

Men in the 20s or whatever age watch every day and I have a confession to point out to all that you’re wasting your time! Throwing away decency because you can’t grasp the life you….

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Surveybee BG Make Money Online

Be Productive Working At Home [Infographic]

Productivity Working At Home

The digital era brought a whole new world of opportunities, including the possibility of working from home. This has allowed many people to gain new jobs with only one requisite: they need to own a computer…..

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Corrugated Recycle

Best Eco-Friendly Product Recyclable Product Packaging Design [Infographic]

Recycling Product Packaging

Every product we buy becomes a form of waste after we use it. I am not just talking about the product we use, but the packaging that comes with the product. Whether we order something from a….

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Workplace Discrimination

Workplace Discrimination Victim [Infographic]

Victim of Workplace Discrimination

In accordance with Sexual Assault Awareness Month, which started in April 2001, and having personally observed sexual harassment in the workplace from a boss to a co-worker, it is extremely….

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