Find a Coffee Alternative [Challenge]

Challenge of the Week: Give Up Coffee

Everyone is going to hate me this week for coming up with such a challenge. This is probably one of the hardest challenges many of you will face. These challenges are meant to….

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World Backup Day

World Backup Day

World Backup Day: Don’t Be An April Fool!

Be prepared. Back up your files on March 31st

Most people do not think twice about their data when it comes to taking photos, saving online documents, emails, etc. It is usually….

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Fasion Designer

Starting a Career in Fashion and Design

Booming Career of Fashion and Design

The term ‘Fashion’ has never been out of fashion in the history of mankind. Fashion has existed and evolved through the ages with the human society. The word ‘Fashion’ has become popular in the modern….

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Private Intelligence

Consultant In The Private Intelligence Industry [Interview]

Work In the Private Intelligence Sector

Almost every job that is given to us, we can almost always do with ease after some training, education, or experience. We may or may not know the information up front, but we research, gather, analyze, collect,….

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Write Better

8 Uncommon Habits To Be A More Professional Writer

Habits To Make You A More Professional Writer

We may all write the same content and even the same topic but what separates us from others is the approach we use to convey that message. What makes a writer good….

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Digital Nomads Globe

How To Become A Digital Nomad [Infographic]

Live and Work the Life You Always Dreamed as a Digital Nomad

Have you ever thought that the work that your job requires you to do could be done from anywhere in the world? Well, you’re definitely not the only….

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Writing Novel

Never Too Late To Start Writing Your Bestseller [Infographic]

Start Writing Your Bestseller Now

Do you thing it is too late to start writing your bestseller? Don’t even think! writing service proves that it is never too late in their infographic Read More →

Air Conditioning Building Unit

Rising Costs of Cooling [Infographic]

Air conditioning ensures that the air inside your house remains cool, fresh and comfortable even while temperatures are soaring outside. Air conditioning is no longer a prerogative of only the rich. Today, air conditioners are installed in more than 370,000….

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Bad Habits

Give Up A Bad Habit [Challenge]

Challenge of the Week: Give Up A Bad Habit This Week

Most of us would never know it, unless we are told about it, but we all have bad habits that we formed either in our childhoods or adulthood. The….

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Robotics Automation

Importance of Automation Training

What is Automation? Automation can be defined as the use of different control systems for operating equipment such as machinery, switching telephone networks, aircraft, boilers & heat treating ovens and more with set commands to run or operate systems (e.g…..

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