Color Emotion Marketing

The Power of Color and Emotion [Infographic]

Color and Emotion for Effective Marketing and Branding

There are billions of dollars that go into advertising each year. Every major company has a whole team of consumer psychologists to research the behavior and purchasing habits of consumers in order to maximize profits.… Read More →
Bank Robbery Figure

Criminal Minds [Infographic]

For criminals, there are no crimes perhaps more enticing than bank robbery. The fame, notoriety, and financial rewards of robbing a bank are enough to entice hackers, gunmen and even politicians into attempting to rob a bank. Some of these bank robbers were successful in their attempts, and have never been found.… Read More →
Face to Face Meeting

Why Face-to-Face Will Always Matter [Infographic]

Are those virtual meetings really hitting the spot? Are FaceTime and Facebook adequate substitutes for face-to-face? Are we truly connecting through LinkedIn? It has certainly never been easier for businesses to maintain relationships, but do conference calls, emails and social networking somehow miss the qualities that actual presence can bring to the meeting table?… Read More →
Horse Racing

World Of Horse Racing In 2014 [Infographic]

My name is Tom Melby and I am the owner and director of an animal shearing equipment company called Clippers Ireland. I regularly write about interesting things that affect my clients, and created this infographic entitled "And they're off! The World of Horse Racing in 2014", which explores the status of horse racing today.… Read More →
Cloud Security

Market Survey 2014: The Year of Encryption [Infographic]

The '2014: The Year of Encryption' market survey examined the views of this year's delegates at Europe’s largest information security event, Infosecurity Europe 2014.

Despite the acknowledged economic benefits of outsourcing business functions to third party service providers, including reduced operational costs and streamlined processes, there is growing concern amongst IT professionals about the security of Cloud-based SaaS services and solutions so much so that when selecting a new product or service, data security and information assurance are now regarded as being of equal importance to financial and efficiency gains.… Read More →
Siri Speech Recognition

How Your Devices Learn to Talk to You [Infographic]

Automatic Speech Recognition Devices

We are probably quite a few years away from everyone having their own personal robot, however automatic speech recognition (ASR) and interactive voice response (IVR) make communicating with our mobile devices for information that much easier. Think about how much Siri and other software platforms are used by our society today.… Read More →
Women Leaders

Extraordinary Women Leaders throughout History [Infographic]

My name is Richard Madison and I am the marketing executive for the Brighton School of Business & Management. I regularly write about interesting topics in relation to Leadership and Management, and to celebrate Ada Lovelace Day on October 14th, I have created an infographic on the topic of "Extraordinary Women Leaders throughout History." Ada Lovelace was an extraordinary mind, and as the world's first computer programmer, established herself as one of the greatest female leaders of all time.… Read More →
Writing Tools

Writing Tools of Famous Writers [Infographic]

Writing Equipment of the Famous

Even the most talented writers get into a blank spot, and most of them have special tools that help them surpass that point. Most contemporary writers rely on writing tools that are not as extravagant as their books are.… Read More →
Google 2014

Recap of Google’s Sweet 16th Anniversary

In Honor of Google 16th - September 2014

Throughout the month of September 2014, we published articles, infographics, and ebooks related to Google, Google tips, and ways Google can help your business, in honor of the 16th anniversary of the founding of Google.… Read More →
Google No Comment

Alternatives to Using Google

A Google-Free Internet Experience

After a month of celebrating Google's Sweet 16th birthday in September and anniversary of its founding, in the form of many articles all about Google and how it can help you and your business, you may be convinced that Google is a great company, offering great free and paid products, and is out to change the world for the better, including the possible advantage of using the Google Corporation to boost your own company initiatives.… Read More →