Finance Chart

Nontraditional Job Ideas for Finance Majors

Finance is one of the most popular college majors. Why? Students are eager to nab a high paying, stable job. Unfortunately, there are usually more students than there are opportunities. As such, graduates often find themselves debating on how to proceed after graduation.… Read More →
Drinking Coffee from Jug

Coffee: The Truth about Your Morning Fix [Infographic]

Coffee is a daily fix for most working professionals. It’s our wake-up call and in many cases, enables us to get out of bed every morning. In fact, over 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed in the world every day!… Read More →
Horrible Boss

How to Know Your Boss is Crazy!

Obviously there are a lot of bad bosses running around out there in the business world. But there is some good news, because you can manage that craziness with a bit of preparedness. These are eight signs that your boss is crazy.… Read More →
Eyes Wide Hush

Workplace Crush

Ok here i go... Cant talk to my friends about this so you are going to hear it... First off i am engaged to a wonderful woman that i don't want to hurt... That being said for the last 4 months i have had a crush on one of my subordinates.… Read More →
Background Screen Graphic

How to Make Your Background Checks More Effective

At this point in your career, you probably know that background screenings are imperative when it comes to hiring new employees and for many people, when retaining employees. If you are doing the smart thing, you are probably using a background screening company in order to be sure that your employees are who they say they are.… Read More →
Background Report Check

Should College Students and Graduates Check Their Backgrounds?

It’s summertime, which means that countless college graduates are flooding the job market and searching for full-time employment for the first time. It also means that plenty of current college students are scouring their hometowns looking for opportunities to make some extra cash, or jetting off to different parts of the country in search of internships offering valuable experience.… Read More →
Sleep Deprived

Off to Bed but Not to Sleep: Why You’re Still Awake [Infographic]

The problem of sleep is one that many encounter. While I find myself restful most days, there are times when I am utterly lethargic, which is a major problem if I have to get to work on time. Commuting in traffic while slipping into sleep is a major problem in the United States.… Read More →
Employee Benefits Package

Employee Perks [Infographic]

The hum drum of the daily grind might be the norm for many of us, but for others the workplace is a joyous place filled with the greatest employee perks money cannot buy. This infographic looks at the best places to work for the most innovative employee perks.… Read More →
Hot Jobs

10 Hot Careers [Infographic]

Check out these Careers That Are Recession-Proof!

When searching for a career, do you think about the type of job security it offers? Is everyone at this job replaceable? Is the turnover rate for the position higher than average? You will probably hold many jobs in your lifetime.… Read More →
Graduation Hats

Is it Worth Staying in College?

A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted personally by the Vice President of Student Affairs at my former college and asked to speak in the auditorium to current college students. I am an alumni that graduated about 4 or 5 years ago from a college, before continuing on to a university.… Read More →