Coworker Compliment

Compliment A Different Co-Worker Each Day [Challenge]

Challenge of the Week: Compliment A Different Co-Worker Each Day This Week

Everyday you go to work, you do your job, you mostly do it well, and then you go home. How do you know you did a good job? You get a paycheck.… Read More →
Language Learning Books

Unorthodox Ways To Learn a Language [Infographic]

5 Ways To Learn a New Language

Languages open doors! If you learn a new language, it will lead you to a new career, better economic prospects, more opportunities to improve your life spiritually and socially. You will be able to enjoy cinematic and literature masterpieces in the original.… Read More →
India School System

What Is Wrong With Indian Education System?

Our Education System Is Only Focused On Exams. Knowledge Is Not A Priority!

The general education system is focused only on examinations rather than training students for the future and really testing their knowledge. Because of this, students are forced to take tests that show only their retention powers, not their actual capacity or knowledge.… Read More →
Science Medical Field Employee

Anatomy of the Perfect STEM Temp [Infographic]

The Perfect STEM Workers

If you are in the business of supplying temps it’s heartening to know that the industry’s revenue is growing an average of 10% each month year on year. What would be even better to understand, though, is exactly which verticals are driving this growth.… Read More →
Chemistry Teacher with Students in Class

The Teaching Job [Interview]

People in this field are very underrated in terms of what they actually do for us. They know us as children, as young adults, and even as adults. They are constantly instilling and drilling into us specific values and knowledge about the world.… Read More →

Get Creative Utilizing Your Old PDF Resources

The Importance of PDF Documents and Resources

PDFs have been around for more than two decades. Adobe Systems popularized the format by making its specifications public and enabling anyone to create PDFs and PDF software. So, here we are, 20+ years later, still using PDFs as the best option when we want to archive our files or send them to a third party that maybe uses a different type of computing device or operating system.… Read More →
Boost SEO Rankings and Traffic

2014 SEO Ranking Factors Study [Infographic]

SEO is ever-changing and evolving, with each new year that passes. More ranking factors come into play, but there are always constants in SEO. These constants are high quality, unique, relevant, and knowledgeable content. Your content should serve some purpose to the reader.… Read More →
Comic Con

My First Comic Con 2015 Experience

My Day at Comic Con 2015 in Albuquerque

I had always heard about Comic Con, but never expected to go to one. They were always too far away or I was working at the time. Had I known what Comic Con was about, I would have made the sacrifice and trips to attend more often.… Read More →
Education Women India

Importance of Education for Women in India

Education for Women Brings Education To The World

“Educate a woman and you educate an entire generation” ― Brigham Young Education plays a critical role in the development of a nation whether it is social or economic growth. A nation can be educated in the real sense of the term, when its entire population is educated.… Read More →
Elder Assistance Care Living

Importance of Assistive Technology in Dementia [Infographic]

My name is Alice Lucey and I am Director of Care/Nursing with Be Independent Home Care, a company based in Ireland that provides one to one assistance and support to elderly clients in their own homes to help them retain their independence and individuality. … Read More →